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  1. flowerbranch

    Hello, what missions do you recommend in Calypso to earn Ammunition?

    How about these @ Half Moon Bay? Mission: Sand Demons Type: Hunting Objective: Kill 8 Sabakuma & recover Detectonator Reward: 0.01 PED Anatomy, 2 PED Weapon Cells Mission Broker Mission Broker: Foreman Sanders Longitude: 63541 Latitude: 89184 Nearest City: Half Moon Bay...
  2. flowerbranch

    So it eventually happened!

    Congratz! :tiphat:
  3. flowerbranch

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Funk is fantastic and these guys master it :king: 🌎🌍🌏
  4. flowerbranch

    Letter from MindArk's CEO, Q3 2023

    Thanks for sharing @GeorgeSkywalker :tiphat:
  5. flowerbranch

    Shaolin TWEN Edition

    Happy birthday! 🥳
  6. flowerbranch

    Achievement: 500k skills

    Congrats! Nice amount of skills & health! :tiphat:
  7. flowerbranch

    "Competition Attempts" of Entropia Universe

    Sure did, thx for sharing! :thumbup:
  8. flowerbranch

    Achievement: Time to min max

    Agreed and gratz on the setup! :thumbup:
  9. flowerbranch

    NYR and SK 25066

    n1 congratz! :thumbup: