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  1. Rocket192

    Selling: Vengeance T5

  2. Rocket192

    We really need cost to tier fixed

    agreed i think it should be 2-3x the current costs to tier up a weapon. These are the only real competitive aspects left in game. otherwise everyone and their mother just grabs 300k dps and goes off to the races. MA has done a poor job of keeping the sense of progression with a carrot at the...
  3. Rocket192

    Question: is boting good ?

    for Mindark yes - more revenue via turnover. for players? no - hard work and resiliency is replaced by a macro.
  4. Rocket192

    Selling: Vengeance T5

    BO = 25k No trades.
  5. Rocket192

    Selling: MAYHEM VENDOR PULL: Mayhem Nano-Blade

    this is what MA wants though. more big weapons in more hands = more turnover and more house rakes. enhancers in the TT is next.
  6. Rocket192

    Selling: MAYHEM VENDOR PULL: Mayhem Nano-Blade

    prices need to drop another 30-50%... boxes need to become worthless.
  7. Rocket192

    Where does 50% Loot goes?

    english, grammar, and reading comprehension lessons for players.
  8. Rocket192

    News: Disturbance notice regarding VU 17.22.3

    this is the only acceptable recourse.
  9. Rocket192

    Buying: Phantom (M) Set

    Preferably T2+
  10. Rocket192

    Price Check Halloween 23

    List it on auction w/ no BO and a SB of tt+1 that's what i did when i looted the first hw21 ring. That trash was worth maybe 3-4k and someone actually bid it up through 10k for some reason. if you are that confident you will simply list it and let the market decide. all of these bullshit...
  11. Rocket192

    Price Check Halloween 23

    skillgain bonuses and defensive stats are basically memes. maybe you tack on 500 ped, but it's still worse than easter23 in every way because no faster reload buff.
  12. Rocket192

    Price Check Halloween 23

    lack of reload and crit chance means you're looking below easter23 which offers 11% reload and 4% LS. probably 4.5-5.5k
  13. Rocket192

    Why are weapons "STILL" that expensive?

    uber alts using macros on a VPS or other physical systems in events and solo instances.
  14. Rocket192

    Buying: imk2/MM/lmp strikehammer/etc...

    Pure peds... looking to pay 50-65k DM me if you have something like the above for sale and want peds for it.
  15. Rocket192

    m83 vs bgh marber

    m83 has terrible shrap conversion and eff
  16. Rocket192

    Price Check marber BGH t0

    i'm not?
  17. Rocket192

    Price Check marber BGH t0

    You also have to pay 25k for a hc204 if you can find one. you will spend less in markup on mayhem amps over a 3 year period lmfao. after you amp the imk2 the efficiency difference is only 6.9% for camo and 5.9% for marber. if you mayhem amp the imk2 not only are you paying more markup, but the...
  18. Rocket192

    Price Check marber BGH t0

    Both camo and marber BGH will last an entire mayhem instance before breaking and have identical decay rates to IMK2 making them one of the best shrap cyclers in the game. further the dps/dpp of these weapons with mayhem amps is nearly identical to imk2 as well, albeit with a worse enhancer...
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  20. Rocket192

    Selling: Imp2870 T4.99

    bump - reduced price.
  21. Rocket192

    why are things so expensive

    "bro just trust me you just need 350 dps, 85+ eff and high looter levels and you can be just like me." What if i looter functioned as a PVP element pulling from the "bonus" pool than funds 2.5-5% of the playerbase TT returns? carrot on the stick if you can't catch up to the other players you...
  22. Rocket192

    why are things so expensive

    profits in EU via professions are largely a ponzi scheme like any other capital market system. Most profits are made when cash flow supply is net positive month over month because new players/investors are putting money into a fixed ecosystem. this is slightly different with EU because MA can...
  23. Rocket192

    why are things so expensive

    no one other than casual players are consuming L items. valuing UL based on L markups is a straw man. people buy mod nano because of the potential ROI from events/tokens/etc... they don't buy mod nano because LB-105(L) is expensive lmao. to be honest, MA has to do something drastic, fast...
  24. Rocket192

    Buying: Mod Exc