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  1. Spaceghost

    Buying: Geotrek H41 Mina

    Buying geotrek mina h41. Let me know what you got, how much TT is, and how much you are asking for it. Thanks!
  2. Spaceghost

    Buying: [B]Shortblade or Longblade)[/B]

    BUYING BICAK BLIX, KESMEK BETT , KILIC VASS or some other UL like that. So UL Shortblade or Longblade. Msg me current TT and price if you got one you want to sell. Preferrably cheaply. Not looking for L ones. Thanks!
  3. Spaceghost

    Buying: [B]SGA Beast[/B]

    Buying Beast second golden age ( SGA ) version. Send me a msg w price if u have one u want to sell. Thanks.
  4. Spaceghost

    Buying: Decent non-L pistol/carbine/rifle, laser/blp

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, however I can´t say I´ve seen to many useful offers on the table :/ Not that much into standard ep41´s, prices seem a little inflated atm, in comparison to value of use. Alot of ppl seem to think they gonna turn the into modmercs with tiers? :) Well, im still...
  5. Spaceghost

    Selling: Complete F santaset w mask

    ..sry my bad. Free bump for you though :)
  6. Spaceghost

    Buying: Decent non-L pistol/carbine/rifle, laser/blp

    Looking to get some new hunting gear such as: omegaton ep-41 , ep-50 , m2910 , m2930 , Justifier mk-v , mk-IV , starkhov as-147 , vat-120 , vat-110 etc. You get the idea, something that doesnt suck too much, isn´t L and comes with a favourable pricetag. The mk5 might be a little out of range...
  7. Spaceghost

    Saphira's Tattoos

    Hockey mask = Friday the 13th = Jason Mask made from the skin of a humans face = Texas chainsaw massacre = Leatherface
  8. Spaceghost

    Enemy spoted !

    Might be a bunny in there :P I could never get to it tho :(
  9. Spaceghost

    Easter Bunny

    Do not really get if they will appear where mutants already are or if mutants will spawn in other locations around where the bunnies are :/ Want my bunny :(
  10. Spaceghost

    Avatar Locations

    I like Jason Centre, not so many people and i am kinda antisocial :P
  11. Spaceghost

    Discussion about winners...and loosers

    If I understand Shoti correctly I think I kinda agree. I would have liked something not (L) even if it would be worth way less. Something I could keep that I had gotten as a price that would not just decay and dissapear. A crappy unlimited gun or a hat that said "better luck next time" or...
  12. Spaceghost

    Entropia Let it Rock: Bring the fire

    Do not agree on their choice of winner but totally agree your should be in the top 3. Gratz :)
  13. Spaceghost

    Entropia let it rock: the newcomer proper

    A (L) set martial. Would rather have a t-shirt saying "close but no cigar" :P Well glad this is over anyway. Now I can stop hanging around on the forums several times every day.
  14. Spaceghost

    Depeche mode

    DM is one of the most 80s things out there and I freakin love music from the 80s. The golden age of music imho. Never before and never after has there been soo much good music made during such a short period. Nostalgia deluxe :wtg: And please no posts saying how wrong I am and that your taste...
  15. Spaceghost

    And the winner is................

    THREAD CLOSED :P Noone on the forums know anything and noone that does seeme to be willing to share any information. I am extremely inpatient and severely want to know if I am in the top 30 and I am looking through the forums several times every day for any information that might help. And the...
  16. Spaceghost

    Entropia let it rock: the newcomer proper

    This is just a edited version for our own amusement and not meant for the competition. So yes we know it is not uploaded before the deadline and no we have not submitted this link to anyone at MA. Did not turn out exaktly as we wanted since the computer was insanely slow and preview was almost...
  17. Spaceghost

    Thanks for the +rep and comments :)

    Thanks for the +rep and comments :)
  18. Spaceghost

    Entropia let it rock: the newcomer proper

    Now we have watched thru our video a couple of thousand times :P Or atleast thats what it feels like. And even tho the competition is over we kinda want to fix it up a bit and change some things that were rushed and do not really look that good. Just feel like we want a version made that we are...
  19. Spaceghost

    And the winner is................

    Since I had watched my user cp first and had no messages or had gained any EFD when I saw this post I became a utterly sad panda since I guess the winner would be flooded with messages ( like "you lucky bastard" or "gratz dood"). But when I found out the competition was not over I gained some...
  20. Spaceghost

    Thanks for the +rep and appreciation for non pc humor ;)

    Thanks for the +rep and appreciation for non pc humor ;)
  21. Spaceghost

    Venus Facial Emote in 2005 :(

    I miss my old mad scientist / rapist look :( My new ava looks nowhere close to as retarded and creepy as my old one. The new character creation kinda stops you from looking way to freaky in a natural way. If you know what I mean.. Hmmm. Explanation maybe. Before you could make a ava that looked...
  22. Spaceghost

    When will MA announce the Winner?

    Well actually the only thing I was after was that people want to get updated on what is happening since we have not heard anything since they told us that they had narrowed it down to 100 videos. And that was a week and a half ago. :P I am pretty certain it will take less than 1-1000years to...
  23. Spaceghost

    When will MA announce the Winner?

    Soon is extremely vague tho. My definition of "soon" : The pizza will arrive soon (less than 1 hour) The winners of the videocompetition will be announced soon (1-2 weeks) The world will end soon (1-1000 years) I just want a clearer definition of what MA considers soon since my definition...
  24. Spaceghost

    Uber: -- La Faction Beta Elite -- Silent ATH

    Confreakingratudamnlations. Pretty damn awesome loot:wtg: