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    Selling: Full Nemesis armor suite (M)

    Status: Available Helmet - Tier 1.93 - TT 20.21/31.10 Harness - Tier 2.72 - TT 61.78/64.12 Arm Guards - Tier 1.78 - TT 37.04/42.75 Gloves - Tier 1.62 - TT 20.54/21.37 Thight Guards - Tier 1.73 - TT 41.21/42.75 Shin Guards - Tier 1.98 - TT 12.62/21.37 Foot Guards - Tier 2.48 - TT 20.37/21.37...
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    Selling: S.I. Scorpion & S.I. HK110

    I will add a buyout option of 1000 ped each. Bidding will remain possible.
  3. J

    Selling: S.I. Scorpion & S.I. HK110

    I won't sell them for 180.
  4. J

    Selling: S.I. Scorpion & S.I. HK110

    I hereby offer you the opportunity to obtain these two efficient low level weapons. Of each I have 3 available. I don't necessarily need to sell them, but if you want to make a decent offer on them I might be willing to sell them. S.I. Scorpion 1 - Tier: 1.50 - Tier increase rate: 181/200...
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    The developers at mindark are AMAZING.. Seriously

    And don't forget that quite a few devs have been replaced overtime. The new ones, had to figure out where the previous one left, what he or she did or did wrong and what kind of style he or she had. Hopefully, the new ones had the same or enough expertise and experience to move on with...
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    FYI: Find and share Entropia websites on Entropia Links

    Currently updating the site with new links and removing those that no longer exist. Please let me know if i'm missing any or if you like to add one.
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    A "bad" trip to Rocktropia

    You helped me to remind another issue that i recently found. The Forum Troll. It looks like that it's head texture is a little messed up. There is another that looks even worse, Commander Hauxley.
  8. commander hauxlex

    commander hauxlex

  9. forum troll

    forum troll

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    A "bad" trip to Rocktropia

    While rereading this thread i'll reply to this message. I agree, the other planets have their bad places too. And they should be aware of it, after the support cases i've send. And if not, i'll come up with a similar post, like the previous RT one. But honestly, RT needs the most attention of...
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    A "bad" trip to Rocktropia

    I've uploaded the Rocktropia screenshots that i made lately, here: So feel free to have a look. I've thousands more screenshots of Entropia, but not that much of RT. Once the other areas are available again, i'll come back to see if there are places that are good enough to...
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    A "bad" trip to Rocktropia

    Alright, it seems i didn't make myself clear enough. So i went back to Rocktropia to have a second look and made screenshots of things that contributed to my opinions about this planet. I've made a little compilation of all the things that pulled my attention. All those images were taken with...
  13. halfpipe on road

    halfpipe on road

  14. london tower bridge

    london tower bridge

  15. universal logo

    universal logo

  16. trees in water

    trees in water

  17. shadow issue

    shadow issue

  18. security


  19. misplaced buildings

    misplaced buildings

  20. london bringde

    london bringde

  21. building on stage

    building on stage

  22. broken building

    broken building

  23. biodome


  24. road errors

    road errors

  25. cartonboard houses

    cartonboard houses