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  1. Milkey

    Selling: Weak Argonaut Claw, FEN + Trauma AMP 2 FEN

    You're right, its 38.1 unenhanced w/ amp, its 43.6 w/ amp and 2 dmg enhancers.
  2. Milkey

    Entropia Life / Help

    Same as everyone else, my browser also likes to point out in big bold red letters with an exclamation point "Your connection to this site is not secure!"
  3. Milkey

    Selling: Weak Argo claw FEN t1.99 + melee amp 2 FEN combo

    Been using this for the last week to grind up skills & HP, highly recommend to anyone looking for an eco melee grinder.
  4. Milkey

    Selling: Fire Forge DAR 9300, TWEN Edition

    Been using the first one that dropped, absolutely love it. The range helps it swing a bit higher than it’s DPS, great tagger too. Free bump!
  5. Milkey

    TWEN item drop rate

    Ya all they did was flick a switch for some new loot. The lack effort has been noticed.
  6. Milkey

    Price Check ArMatrix SB-10, TWEN Edition... Price check please

    I’m guessing it’ll go for around 25k, that efficiency is insane.
  7. Milkey

    Buying: WTB [Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted]

    WTB [Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted]
  8. Milkey

    TWEN item drop rate

    Take your ships out and dock.
  9. Milkey

    TWEN item drop rate

    I already own it? I did the fruit test and fixed the numbers. Someone went in after and changed it back shortly after this one was looted to the false higher DPP numbers. Sorry for trying to keep things accurate...
  10. Milkey

    TWEN item drop rate

    Someone went back in and edited the DPP to false numbers, wtf is going on?
  11. Milkey

    TWEN item drop rate

    I'm just surprised how fast people sell items without putting in any research. One forum post with bids too much work to get your money's worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Side note, I bought the last one and I'm really enjoying it. The DPP stats were all wrong and they were being advertised as such. Still has...
  12. Milkey

    TWEN item drop rate

    And Frost is already reselling (after reselling the last one).
  13. Milkey

    Selling: SOLD Fire Forge DAR 9300, Twen Edition

    I'm curious too, I was making bids and it kept going up with no info...
  14. Milkey


    FYI the image is like 4 pixels total... Thanks for the price update though.
  15. Milkey


    Sorry if I missed it, do you have a picture and the price?
  16. Milkey

    Info: Mayhem Token Trader UL items

    I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Azuro!
  17. Milkey

    Info: Mayhem Token Trader UL items

    IDK, don't ask.
  18. Azuro.jpg


  19. Milkey

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2022

    I saw someone get a rare token the other day, their name was Ererebos or something along those lines. I assume it was from a box though because they looted an Ares Perfected later in the day.
  20. Milkey

    Selling: EWE LC-100 Frontier (SOLD)

    Switching up my playstyle a bit, looking to offload some gear. Feel free to reply here or message me in game, prices might have a little wiggle room. [EWE LC-100 Frontier] EDIT - SOLD
  21. Milkey

    Selling: Selling Full Male Vigi and Knight

    Selling Full Male Vigilante tt+200 Full Male Knight tt+150
  22. Milkey

    Selling: Quit awhile ago, selling whats left.

    Full Male Vigi, Knight, and ESI's I quit sometime back but I still have some small things I wanna get rid off. Full Male Vigilante tt+300 Full Male Knight tt+200 ESI's 13.60, 13.59, 13.13, 11.50, 720% for the lot.
  23. Milkey

    Buying: Male Nemesis Set UL

    Buying Male Nemesis Set UL