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  1. Orion

    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    Maybe it is time to speak MindArk's language. So vote with your wallet. :broke:
  2. Orion

    Suggestion: Ability to convert weapon damage type

    Cool down everyone. There is no better means of preventing it from actually being introduced than MA announcing to introduce it. MA keep announcing it for over 20 years now, at first around ~2002. E.g. Plasma against robots, anybody remembers? I bet they hate to still have someone around who...
  3. Orion

    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    The utter silence from MA reps (side-eyeing @Ludvig|MindArk ) about the players' reaction in this post tells me everything I need to know.
  4. Berta Bot reported.JPG

    Berta Bot reported.JPG

    Berta Bot reported for vicious scam attempts
  5. Orion

    Mot Globals Proteron

    Congratulations, dear mate! What a true achievement, and what is next?
  6. Orion

    Suggestion: Enable box window resizing (see pic)

    yes please, and while youre at it add some basic inventory sort functions to match at least 2013 standards. (No need to focus on current online games, they are unassailably ahead.)
  7. Orion

    Help: Hunting Advise Needed

    You perfectly discribed the setup that brought me to L100. Combine it with a Mod2600 and a resto Chip. So a very small investment in items keeping their value even today can get you VERY far! Note that you need L69 to max out the Adj. ML-35. The Adj. Maddox+beast eats alot of repair.
  8. Orion

    Achievement: 1st to lvl500

  9. Orion

    ATH: 115354 PED Shrapnel

    Du Glückskind! GRATZ!!!
  10. Orion

    Player activity & longevity rewards!!!

    Medals of honor, rewards, badges, or visible avatar tags which can be sold to rich russian oligarch kids are for the birds. If they are tradable for money, then leave them away. Respect cannot be bought. On a less serious note I would already be happy for getting flagged for support: "MA did...
  11. Orion

    News: Entropia Pocket Update

    I use the app on an old phone that only has the purpose left to provide my TANs. Will it work with Android 6.0.1 ? (There are no more updates to the old phone)
  12. Orion

    HoF: 4876 PED Moloch Master

  13. Orion

    Are we tracked in EU in real time?

    The User Interface sends nothing more than user inputs as “action requests” to the server. The server then accepts or denies them. The server calculates everything itself and outputs the results to the UI only for display (loot, decay, ammo consumption, hit damage dealt and taken, mob movement...
  14. Orion

    Loyal Player Acknowledgement

    According to this list I am the one of the oldest still active players. Certainly those named there are not the real Top Ten first players. But they belong to the most recognized players of that time and some are still today. 1. Linzey from Endgame is still active. 5. chronos (is it the same...
  15. Orion

    Help: Please clarify the intended mechanics of the TWEN Token Vendor

    And those are the same devs who plan to update PE to a whole new engine... Seamless. Bugfree. Shockfree. I can't wait it! If you dig deep enough in this forum then you still can find petrified the traces of the CryEngine2 engine update disaster. Or you ask some veteran who lived through it...
  16. Orion

    It's never happened before, and here it is again. Nanocubes in the TT.

    MindArk's top and only product. The product matures with the customer...
  17. Orion

    Why are weapons "STILL" that expensive?

    Literally hundreds, if not thousands of UL weapons are trapped on dormant avatars of inactive players. They may have lost interest in the game, but didn't cash out everything. Maybe hoping for rising markets and prices of their guns (and may have lost track of market swings due to too deep...
  18. Orion

    Info: Yog Horror 2.0?

    This game is SOOOO broken...
  19. Orion

    Loyal Player Acknowledgement

    I just had this for 80+ hours of active disciple teaching... *sigh* This was my 5th and last disciple i guess.
  20. Orion

    EWE300 Ambush

    Gratz man, what a nice loot!
  21. Orion

    Looking for a Soc to join

    I know there are a couple of wonderful players from Spain around here. Hopefully they will contact you to help you find a new warm and welcoming home! All the best and good luck!
  22. Orion

    Have i been hacked?

    This forum got hacked years ago. Since then all your data associated with this forum is traded for money and circulating with all the 13 years old wannabe hackers. Know the consequences.
  23. Orion

    Looking for a Soc to join

    If you backed up your question with a few stats from your avatar, then the right societies would know if you're a good fit for them. Apart from that your personal interests and your own personality profile would help to find a new home for you. Else only the typical noob socs with 300 inactive...
  24. Orion

    Achievement: Entropia Master Combat

    A true and humble Skiller, without being a smarty pants. The tank with the precision of a surgeon.... Gratulation!
  25. Orion

    Forum Software Updated

    As i see the forum loading today... :