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    S: Craftingskills, BPs and some misc stuff

    Is TP still up for sale? :) If so i bid 700ped ;)
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    SELLING: Phantom Armor FULL SET (M/F) (waiting list)

    3 questions before i order :) Hey m8, is price still 3,3k? How long is the list by now? Whats the estimated time to get a full set? :)
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    Leaving The Prophecy

    LOL i guess thats worth +rep for teaching u that :D
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    Selling 5a plates

    :boxer: BUMP my PLATES :D
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    S: Full M ghost cheap

    i can pay 210ped.... :D
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    Selling ML-35 ME

    12,8k here
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    Selling ML-35 ME

    bid 12.7k....
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    Selling ML-35 ME

    12.5k :D :D :D
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    Selling 5a plates

    As title say, make me a good offer & i sell :D
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    S: Jaguar M, AS 147 & Moderat TP chip.....

    No auc just BO.... AS 147 3k Moderat TP 1.3k SOLD Jaguar M 10.5k SOLD
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    Selling ML-35 ME

    Hey cc let me have this one pls ;) :P I bid 11k.....sry m8
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    Jaguar/Tiger/Angel parts

    Have a Jag set for sale, only whole set tho...
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    Medium Tp chip

    Got a moderta tp chip, if intressted PM me ;)
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    Possible sale of ML-35 ME

    So am i one of those u speaking of? :confused:
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    Selling Ghoul(m) set

    Yes and ofc with the right skills ;) bomp bomp
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    Animal oils

    lol Sav stop saving all shit u loot :P :D
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    Oh thanks Coffee for getting that info about fap 5 :D Anything else known use for this skill? :)
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    Maybe someone here can help me out and tell me what the skill Treatment do :scratch2: /Hasse K
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    S:angel set (M)

    :ahh: :ahh: my bad, free bump for u m8 :)
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    S:angel set (M)

    Hmm waiting on answer ;)
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    S:angel set (M)

    How much peds if i trade u Jag?
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    08 träff?

    Coolt im in if im home at the time :D
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    Why it's cool to own land

    GRATZ! Use any amp? :)
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    med tp chip

    Hi Dragger :) You do nothing wrong, you can only TP to the TP where you have an apt. And you can only TP to home if home is on the same continent as you are :) GL with chip m8 :)
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    Selling Shadow harness (M)

    Wow cc u crazy dude, already tired on Shodow? :D GL m8