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    Triton Industries - Huge Success...

    I truly hope this will fail badly, on other side i am afraid there is lot of dumb ppl between us and they will sell once they hit 10 ped.
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    Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Tale - Hunting with Longtime

    dont think its tradable, you have to finish god save the queen mission.
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    FYI: Skill gain stacking

    Holy fuck, so it works but it doesnt? :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
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    Merry Mayhem Ring stats 2023

    Slap you when bitching chance 120% please. Lot of negative rep on pcf can stack effect over 9k%
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    News: Third crash site - CDF Report

    I do. Read carefully :
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    News: Third crash site - CDF Report

    Not for long, aint cyrene last pp that hasnt been bought by ma yet?
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    Suggestion: Pseudo-Unlimited Weapons

    yea i understand but cant say im fan of this idea, just let the whales loose and buy weaponry at "insane" money. EU is comparable to many other professions and sports, if you do good decisions they will come back to you in longterm. Same goes for bad ones ofc.
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    Suggestion: Pseudo-Unlimited Weapons

    Strongly doubt profit is acessible to everybody, especially in badly balanced microeconomy lile eu has. Same thing would happen as with poker, only house wins and nobody got an edge if rake is too high.
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    Suggestion: Pseudo-Unlimited Weapons

    Definately dont like this idea, that would freeze market completely.
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    Suggestion: Pseudo-Unlimited Weapons

    We can simply go back to guns like mod korss was, with 5k ped tt was at time very useful gun and lasted for pretty long time. But it sure had good reason why it became obsolete and replaced by armatrixes. Armatrix lasts for idk 3-4 hours of shooting which is okay for casual player id say. Having...
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    Question: Are unlimited weapons too expensive?

    Maybe it would be good idea to remind most of you too, even if market crash at tt+10 for top tier guns, you still need to fund proper bankroll to run your gun, whatever it is. And even if its cut by 99% for some reason, huge majority of this forum would bitch about it. Price of your gun is just...
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    Suggestion: Pseudo-Unlimited Weapons

    I totally dont get it. Everyone want to win so badly, but willing to do so little for it. This has been bugging me since start of my career and can see it clearly in eu. In my opinion, grinding EU on highest levels simply isnt for everyone, same as someone talented for writing, but being loner...
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    Help: Budget 2k PED

    sold one two weeks ago at +1500 /t0 freshly looted/. Got one more for sale too
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    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    they changed rextelum spawns to point where mob is actually huntable, dont forget about it ! :D Im sure this kind of common sense took them pretty long time, hope we can see more spawns being fixed /zychion, notus, ../ and like half of calypso mob spawns.
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    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    Excuse me, mention what? Why do you use that OFFENSIVE "R" word on public forums?
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    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    @Ludvig|MindArk Could you please tell us when we get some normal and useful content instead of shares moneygrab and token bullshit? Thanks a lot ! For example fixing existing bugs, balancing economy, enforce rules. That sounds like relevant start to me.
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    Gold Rush solution to the exploits

    Solution to this kind of test is very easy. Hire a testing team, test your shitty event and keep fixing it until it looks like you imagine. It was obvious in first few boss spawns this is perfectly possible. Slackers.
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    We really need cost to tier fixed

    So many tears. Bring it on ! but then again, tier comps would loose their value, as this system wouldnt allow everyone to click their equipment up and demand would get pretty limited. Finding balance between these two extremes probably is not simple task.
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    Exploit in Gold Rush 2023 event cat 04

    because it was easier than taking a candy from catholic priest decoy.
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    Exploit in Gold Rush 2023 event cat 04

    Game mechanics allows that, so definately not an exploit. Shit decision for sure, both for player / it would take immense ammount of time to finish run/ and for organiser /not raking enough because stupid design/. But any way huge gz to alts that have time to finish it this way.
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    Price Check Paneleon Spec Imperium Chest Guard (M) Tier 4

    Hi, tried to buy this armor recently, T3-4 sets were 8,5-10k
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    Space, again Burglars and time lost

    EU space is very similar place to PCF then :)
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    This will make a lot of people upset but we need this.

    It was predicted like this at least 50 times in last idk 15 years and yet, game is still here. Not in best possible shape, i admit, but it is here. Also, not allowing withdrawals would destroy basic principle of RCE game.
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    What would you do if you had 20k PEDs?

    for 20k ill take it off your hands man...
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    What would you do if you had 20k PEDs?

    Maybe reading in some cases is pointless :/ Also reading and reading with understanding are little bit different skills.