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    Risk of Ruin - Bankroll Management

    Well, that was always the case, right? But the formula from OP tells us how large our exposure to risk is. His willingness to lose 800 PED on a total Bankroll of 45K yields a % of 1,78%. Which is nice to know. But it would be more worthwhile to be able to use it the other way. Given a certain...
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    Risk of Ruin - Bankroll Management we got a percentage. Then what?
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    The basics

    I would be, except that I'm not at all interesting to those who mentor for the rewards... I am way beyond "graduation" :) But surely there's a good starters guide, including a guide on how to read the info and compare items? Like what one earth is efficiency? Which amp on which gun? Which mob...
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    The basics

    A newb = someone who just started playing A n00b = someone (who might be playing for ages) who hasn't got a clue. I signed up in 2007, just got back from a HUGE period of inactivity, so I am clearly a noob.... I find myself a bit overwhelmed, especially since I still have stuff in my inventory...
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    I think it was from CRT. I don't recall being in EAC.
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    Thanks :) I've always been a hunter more than I am a miner, and eco is my playstyle (except that time when I was drunk and bought CLD's, the revenue of which have helped me do groceries over the last few years, the revenues aren't huge, though...just pointing out that the money has been...
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    Thanks :) Wasn't expecting anyone to actually remember me :D
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    Fear of missing out?? Anyway... I am an eco player, I forgot most of what I knew, but I *do* know that Lootius told me time after time that mining isn't really for me... :s But seriously, I need to learn the game anew. So where do I start with that?
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    oh, thank Lootius!
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    It has been a long time. Due to work, I haven't been able to do much over the last few years. Mostly login, sweat a little and check my CLD (which went away, SHOCK). So basically, I am a noob with higher skills. Where would you recommend I go to get my info back? And do those sites calculating...
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    My Thoughts on MA's Statement

    Which statement?
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    cryptocurrency? Really? Man, you leave entropia alone for a few weeks and the devs come up with another full retard plan...
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    Skillchipping: now open for business!

    wait...what? (No rickroll, promised)
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    Selling: 2x ComPet Deed @100 PED each

    Selling, due to wanting to play the game a little again, 2 ComPet deeds @100 PED each. (Not selling under 100PED, so don't bother asking for a lower price)
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    Something positive

    So, the other day, MA dropped the "We're gonna change loot" bomb. It was quite a shock to me, and I saw a few problems with it. I decided to make a support case, knowing that I would get nothing but a copy-paste thank-you-we-read-it-and-will-forward-it-to-devs message. But at least (I think) it...
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    How many would like to see the "I've got a bone to pick!" repeatable ?

    I was gonna post I totally agreed with the OP, but then I read your response. Now I don't agree anymore.
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    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Nope. I am pointing out that these changes are going to hurt players which do not spend half their life online. It is going to hurt newbies. It is going to hurt people who just want to play a game, instead of having to go through MA University just to get a decent loot. @Jetman: good point
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    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Oh my god... Loot calculations "optimized"... for whom? I fear... I greatly fear. And also: no more ammo in loot? Dammit, that sucks. I was quite happy that I could continue hunting longer than without it. Now, I will just run out of ammo longer, and need to spend more time trying to sell the...
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    Enough is enough

    One would expect that all this talk of personal lootpools would have ceased the day MA explicitly stated there is no such thing as a personal lootpool.
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    Info: Mindark Annual Report 2016

    #1: The deeds are sold in EU and are/were supposed to pay out in EU #2: No, you don't get anything in compet from owning deeds in EU.
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    Land ahoy?

    I made a second case, slightly more annoyed of tone, and got a reply which was a little friendlier. While not actually providing a solution, Ulf actually seems to have followed some training in costumer management. He actually asked questions to figure out the issue, and promised the feedback...
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    Land ahoy?

    Well, I basically got the middle finger, they "explained" the auction and locked the case. Very dissatisfied, considering the promise made was that with 9 CLD you can claim land, whereas the current setup clearly makes it impossible to do so.
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    Land ahoy?

    Yeah? Is that how it works? You get three promises, and when one is delivered, you forget the others? And frankly, that other one wasn't delivered either, because expected payout based on the figures presented was about 5 PED per deed. It's been a very rare occassion we saw that. Just posted...
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    The Idiocy of people

    I think his point is not about whether or not their is corruption, but about that only a fool would continu to pay for the services of a company while they don't actually like the company, nor the service (at least, not how it's being delivered).
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    Land ahoy?

    Will it ever happen?