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  1. Pepper

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :) Bell Rays - Infection
  2. Pepper

    Background of your avatars name..

    What happened to be on my desk at the moment: A psychological thesis on Legion, a biblical demon who tempted Jesus, by one of my university students, and a pack of Wrigley's peppermint chewing gum (tried to quit smoking at the time). Pepper Legion Mint.
  3. Pepper

    I got a kitty!!!

    Wrong, for once AG. The cat owns you. Better accept it or you're done with more or less every textile in your home in a matter of hours. Counting....
  4. Pepper

    I got a kitty!!!

    What an adorable puss! Gratz to you both! Hope she sleeps on your keyboard, mine does. She leaves very strange messages every now and then in notepad. Perhaps your kitty can decipher it..?
  5. Pepper

    Are any of our friends connected to Tuusula Jokela?

    Being so close Finland, I certainly feel with the families and friends, of both the victims... and the perpetrator. You may lift an eyebrow or even get mad because of the last comment. But please read through in that case. I'm in the middle of a dissertation on a similar subject, serial...
  6. Jamhot Test

    Jamhot Test

  7. Pepper

    Planet Partners Responsibilities...

    Yup, guilty as charged. :ahh:
  8. Pepper

    Planet Partners Responsibilities...

    I personally trust you and MindArk, Marco. But fact is we have to weigh in that the EULA in it self contains every kind of conceivable protective clauses - to cover you, if things would go all bonkers. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I reckon it would be reasonable if your legal people...
  9. Eat 2

    Eat 2

  10. Eat


  11. Pepper

    TCP8 - The Calypso Post Spring 2008

    You rang Sir...? ;)
  12. Pepper

    Planet Partners Responsibilities...

    "BASE! How low can you go?" Bring the Noise - Public Enemy (with Anthrax)
  13. Pepper

    Rate the siggie above you

    Where's your sig Blob..? Can't rate it. ;)
  14. Pepper

    Sribblings off the wall

    Here are two you easily can beat: Be right back. -Godot. Oedipus, come home, all is forgiven! -Mom. A couple of days later there was a new scribbling by another hand just beneath: Like hell it is! -Dad. Both from Lilla Maria (pub), Stockholm
  15. Pepper

    Sribblings off the wall

    Share the funniest, most memorable, wicked, witty or down right hilarious graffiti you've come across. Public toilet walls are excellent examples of great hunting grounds for this kind of prose and poetry! And if you can, please name where you saw it. And remember, "He who laughs last...
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  17. Wall2


  18. Wall


  19. Pepper

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :) Electric Six - Gay Bar
  20. Pepper

    Our New Squat!

    We're all owned by MindArk at the end of the day.
  21. Pepper

    Our New Squat!

  22. Pepper

    Our New Squat!

    Why does this Click to enlarge make me think of Click to enlarge ..? :scratch2:
  23. Crusoe


  24. Crusoe 2

    Crusoe 2

  25. Pepper

    Hi there my friend! You can have just about anything you want, just specify and i'll get to...

    Hi there my friend! You can have just about anything you want, just specify and i'll get to work with it. :) "Bow you say you're lonley You cried the long night through Well you can Cry me an ENGINE®, Cry me an ENGINE® *Cause I've cried an ENGINE® over you"