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  1. Solaxe

    No Loot Sand King (again)

    What happend to " PE is dynamic" ??
  2. Solaxe

    ATH: 102744 Leviathan Dominant

    Finally buddy.. Awsome you deserve it
  3. Solaxe

    remove all polls

    I think we shold remove all polls .. please vote!!
  4. Solaxe

    Selling: Selling out

    gl m8 :) and a free bumb
  5. Solaxe

    The Speed of light might not be the speed limit...

    imagen what it will do to entropia.. traveling in time you, will be able to see loot befor you shoot mob.. aint that something.....
  6. Solaxe

    Your rights after a security breach

    just press accept and go on...
  7. Solaxe

    Perfect Sunset

    My advice to you is as follow. Consider going to bed when trying to sleep, instaid of trying to fall a sleep in the chair at the pc. Yours truly :)
  8. Solaxe

    Things to do in a mothership?

    crash it in to a planet ???
  9. Solaxe

    Sweat Price Ridiculous :(

    its all a matter of suply and demand. 1k sweat use to be 10 ped. but times where different back then.
  10. Solaxe

    My second ATH :)

    i know - rep and all for bumping this.. But... Damn i miss the "just peds" loots...
  11. Solaxe

    Nostalgia thread: Once upon a time in Entropia......

    Once upon a time, game was called PE and it was awsome.
  12. Solaxe

    Selling: Various stuff for sale (Summer sale!) imk2, mm, imp fap, mothership ++

    hmmm i dont have money for the uber items. But i must say, if it all sells, its looking to be one hell of a vacation. so have a nice one and GL with the sales Sol
  13. Solaxe

    Tower skill gains

    yes.. i think it sucks too. so remove towers.. and ... well god luck on extracting your 124.465ped lyst ath..... i hope its in lootable pvp.
  14. Solaxe

    6500 peds is at stake! For everyone! (miningevent)

    What you mean we not ??
  15. Solaxe

    I'm Hitting Way Too Much!

    entropia is dynamic.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
  16. Solaxe

    The Saratoga

    gratz on the ship m8
  17. Solaxe

    Show us ya face!

    Any loot ?
  18. Solaxe

    Update on 100 trillion bombs experiment!!

    3. Bomb .... Small Lyst... nice find!! Note! Im happy with the progress of the mining log, so fare one ok find. Future seems bright.
  19. Solaxe

    FYI: Tax 2% - Formicacida Nest

    awsome hunting grounds i must say
  20. Solaxe

    Buying: Imp 2870

  21. Solaxe

    ATH: Stormer's Top Loots All Time High!

    well huge gratz to all of em m8.
  22. Solaxe

    continue the story.

    moderaters, that he and the story died ???
  23. Solaxe


    well i just think getting cars made a vacume in the " we want stuff list" :P
  24. Solaxe

    Attention SMOKERS! :D

    ciggys...1$? 5$? 9$??? Nahhh... your life.
  25. Solaxe

    Why is the geography changing so much?

    new owners maybe??