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  1. CrestIV

    Entropia Universe 14.1 Release Notes

    Ok never having looted a unl SIB item before, did they only drop with 50%+ condition before, i think they did, but not sure. And the real question, can they drop with just 3%+ now, like UBER SIB weapons in just normal, non or small Global value loots?
  2. CrestIV

    Favorite game?

    Planescape Torment Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance GTA San Andreas X-Com: Terror from the Deep Syndicate
  3. CrestIV

    Could Diablo III bring more players to Entropia?

    Yes exactly D3, is a game in which you, if you chose to do so, buy something from other players to advance faster or sell to other for money, but it is a game and not even a competitive one except for bragging rights. You do need to pay nothing in order to be able to loot items/gold you can sell...
  4. CrestIV

    Could Diablo III bring more players to Entropia?

    No for the simple fact that the RCE is 100% optional in D3 while it is mandatory in EU. You buy D3 and can play as much as you like doing, whatever is possible in the game without any additional cost (later addons not counted). You just have the option to sell or buy via the RCA. But here you...
  5. CrestIV

    Should Logoff in space be removed?

    Can you point me to an official statement about the 25% revenue towards the planet of birth, because that seems awfully high and i must have missed that somehow.
  6. CrestIV

    New rig help please!

    Well for a lot less money you can get very close real life performance. It does certainly depend what you wanna do with it though. Just some quick notes while i wait for the D III beta to go live. :woot: - the CPU, only a few select programs need that much multi threading; overclocked 2500K...
  7. CrestIV

    Calypso Land Deed Update

    I was one calling them out on this myself with some bold claims that that was exactly what was going to happen. The way i understand the statement, the only option for additional Planet Calypso Land Deeds is now coming from the Planet Calypso Partner effectively diminishing the 25% they receive...
  8. CrestIV

    Planet Postmoderna Phase 1

    Wait doesn't Kickstarter work like auctions(ebay/ingame), pesky sniper bids/contributions in the last seconds.:smoke:
  9. CrestIV

    FYI: Planet Postmoderna Phase I

    Nope :laugh: I even checked the page in regular intervals just to see that my initial assessment of utter inane rubbish was right.
  10. CrestIV

    FYI: Hussk Spawning: Official Thread

    Shows that this kind of Boss mob doesn't really work too well in the EU real cash environment. I watched a stream of the killing and i guess it is easier now, maybe easy enough for a soc/soc family or alliance to do it on their own. Having everybody chip in prior to the spawning and then...
  11. CrestIV

    Question: What is the Treasure Hunter proffession on the Finder stats

    It is a different profession not yet implemented in game at all. It is meant to be a/the core part of Arkadia, but so far that didn't really work out. Apparently every planet partner will be able to implement the system on their planets too once it is in game.
  12. CrestIV

    Entropia Universe Receives $2.5 Million Dollars From One Investor in Planet Calypso Citizenship System

    Of course! What did you expect, that MA would be honest and pay more than those 30%, of 1k PED implied deed value, a year? If the revenue would really increase noticeably, beyond those 30%, we will see a new bunch of them asap. And i am pretty sure, the only reason it will ever getting above...
  13. CrestIV

    Help: Low FPS/Performance - New PC

    Cpu It is the FX , does not work at all or very poorly atm with EU. And for once not really MAs fault, the new FX Architecture is the culprit i think, a hybrid between true dualcore and "hyperthreading". AMD-FX-doesn-t-currently-run-EU
  14. CrestIV

    Should Sweaters Gang Up and Raise the Price?

    Yes please organize a strike too, that always worked so well. :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
  15. CrestIV

    should MA take the bank out from twins

    Yes (too short)
  16. CrestIV

    Buying: Buying Calypso Land Deeds

    Just to make things clear.
  17. CrestIV

    Help: When Black isn't Black!

    This isn't stuff i am usually interested in, but still the blatant disregard of their customer is once again astonishing. Who wants to take a bet that instead of making it black they will rename it X Grey :dunce:
  18. CrestIV

    Selling: ESI -- Marksmanship -- Ranged Damage Assessment -- Set of 6A Plates

    One of those hilly things. :lolup:
  19. CrestIV

    Selling: ESI -- Marksmanship -- Ranged Damage Assessment -- Set of 6A Plates

    Added % and tt+ to first post.
  20. CrestIV

    Selling: ESI -- Marksmanship -- Ranged Damage Assessment -- Set of 6A Plates

    550% for the ESI (525% if you take all) Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.72 PED STORAGE (Calypso) Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.96 PED STORAGE (Calypso) Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 17.00 PED STORAGE (Calypso) Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.64 PED STORAGE (Calypso) Empty Skill Implant (L) 1...
  21. CrestIV

    Frustrating Lag Issue

    In the past it could help to set the connection speed in the client loader to a way lower than your actual connection speed limit, not sure if it still does though. And make sure you don't have other stuff running in the background like a torrent client for example.
  22. CrestIV

    Selling: Salamander (M) T 1 (Feet only 0.8)

    Not sold yet. I was waiting for somebody that signaled interest. Time to make this into an auction. I won't be able to log in until Tuesday anyway so end time: Tuesday February the 7th 20:00 MA time (5 min Sniper rule) Max tt is 553 PED SB: tt+3950 PED BO: tt+4500 PED I put Thark down...
  23. CrestIV

    Selling: Salamander (M) T 1 (Feet only 0.8)

    B U M P :ahh: