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  1. Mika

    Is it time for MA to be transparent with player costs/expected values?

    I smell poor people who should check their privledges here. Just fuck around and find out you poor sods or stop playing the game you dont like, clearly. /sarcasm Voted yes, obviously. i like eu but the lack of transparancy is very off putting. Compared to other similar ‘operations’ in...
  2. Mika

    Question: What should Mindark do

    Get rid of the poor people. Set up a entry fee to the game where you only get access to play after deposiring a minimum of 10 000 USD pr month, before this requirment is met you can only open strongboxes on the account page. Alternativly you can deposit 150 000 USD and get instant access for 1...
  3. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    because if you have genuine worries for the game and the company, but are not a ‘ultra rich’ person. You should check your priveledge and sod off poor trash. /s But gl having a productive discussion with someone who thinks a 4wd car with only 2 wheels installed will perform better. You can try...
  4. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    Saying layoffs is good is about the most american backwards thinking thing i've heard all day. Layoffs also mean the people that remain, have to work a LOT more to even come close to the same productivity, and while you guys over in the US seem to somehow think 1 person can do the job 3 people...
  5. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    in transaction details as long as it says confirmed or commited or we it it is, itll take a couple of days for the bank transfer only. But if it says pending still then yeah nah, all aboard the waiting train :D
  6. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    Can't really answer if he has asked support o nah, but as for work or not the time of "random days that are vacation days" is over, in the nordics, the last one we had passed a few weeks ago sadly, we are not into what i just call "the creat dip" with no single random holiday untill christmas...
  7. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    How much did you do mind me asking? If you wanna be vague just say between X and Y I started a process of only 20 000 ped ish in early may, and people claim they are getting stuff, wondering if it is somehow related to amount as well or nah, i would love to have it before christmas kekehands
  8. Mika

    The PED-USD connection - will it last?

    This, albeit not "far beyond our lifetime" it will not change in our lifetime most likely. The "change in world order" has happened many times already and we are in a change at the moment, what will be the pinnacle that changes it in the end will come after we are dead, for sure. Sucks that we...
  9. Mika

    A rental terminal would help us all!

    You can give good items to bad players, all you will have on your hands is someone shreding their bank faster than they can say "itwasntme" to their SO. But i mean, printing pennies is something a lot of people claim in EU and no one ever proves so, who knows, more items and tools to be used by...
  10. Mika

    Question: How can I get this lucky?

    Yes and no, yes there is the obvious correct about it that the people who do get a lot of rings, do normally buy a lot more keys than one would think, far more than average joe does. However it is EU, and wehave more trackers than google and china combined (not really but its all out in the...
  11. Mika

    MindArk Interim Report Q1 2023

    i cant help but to feel that this seems like naive way to look at it. ‘to many cooks’? They had better results than ever, supposedly, and they have huge ambitions moving forward. any business model or planning will then look to expand to improve and find more specialized personell. Not reduce...
  12. Mika

    MindArk Interim Report Q1 2023

    The last withdrawo i did when i did was 5 momths and a lot of complaining, and like others in the current withdrawo time my time to spam tickets is fast approaching. i expect itll take 70-90 days though instead of the 50 days the pretend is real. only well know ubers and people from a certain...
  13. Mika

    MindArk Interim Report Q1 2023

    Good to see the company is doing good, now if only they could pay people withdrawls on time that would be great. 🙃
  14. Mika

    Question: How can I get this lucky?

    inb4 ubers ill try to convince the community they alone open more boxes alone, than the entire rest of the community combined. /S also good thing you only looked up summer 2020's, probably shouldnt look at the others :p MEGA /s But, mostly wave mechanics being "abused", if you know you know...
  15. Mika

    Does it take that ...

    I mean, if the TIR is under 100, make that 5000 repairs :D
  16. Mika

    Question: Should botting/ automated hunting be allowed?

    Tbh if they allow botting might as well allow speedhacks and model displacement ++ as well then, all the same category in ma’s eyes 🥴
  17. Mika

    Question: What level do you play at?

    70-100 dps Whatever that allows me to hunt that is what i hunt.
  18. Mika

    Low volatility mobs list

    For me; Shubs Zyn'do Edit: Halloween Mayhem 04 A bit of an odd one to me, but this specific mayhem category and mob is also always a banger. Never big hofs, just stability. These always remained somwhat low volatility, generally spammed with globals, but always just around to be not a...
  19. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    68 would be a charm as we are currently looking at what, 90+? :P Judging by people saying upwards of 85 days and now MA officially saying its delayed. ofc if your name is <insert uber here> you get it in a week according to themselves but they refuse to prove such information though, as that...
  20. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    Chargeback is when money leaves your card, who would do a chargeback here, mindark?
  21. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    Ok cycling is way different than depoing which your post sort of leaned towards it being. Cycling 5k a day seems very low for a mid lvl player, unless i'm not midlvl myself anymore, i when i do play, 30-50k pr day, and i consider myself "lower mid lvl" based on what i hunt and what tools i...
  22. Mika

    515k ath chat

    The thing that makes me most happy is that the name of the person who got it is a name i've never seen or heard of before. Gz to them take the 500k and run for the fucking border is all i can say :D
  23. Mika

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    Average mid lvl player moving 200k - 1 million euro into eu, pr year, what the hell are you waffling about and what are you smoking, shit is strong and i want some.
  24. Mika

    How do you think Entropia will end?

    in 15-20 years from now there will be a handfull of ubers left playing, and no one else really around, they will sstill tell you the game is perfect and in no issue. Ludvig will tell them that its time, he cannot keep the local computer in his bassement running just for them anymore and he...
  25. Mika

    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    this is hard copium and you know it. EU has a lot of competition. SL was mentioned as one, CSGO (soon CS2) is way bigger than EU but has a side tothe game only dabbling in investements and ROI money making. so does DOTA2, ok but you want MMOS? You know to grind ina mmo and make money? While...