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  1. Sarah Hawkwood

    Question: Akmuul zone destined to die?

    Hmm... I never was a PKer, except for the moments when I had to, but from perspective I understand to be the one of average Entropia avatar/player things you've mentioned seem to be a nice improvements made in Entropia and making things more fair. Yes, more challenging for a PKer, but also...
  2. Sarah Hawkwood

    five noob days - a different start

    Then she was sweating like few minutes per day back then as 1x0 was even chaper than now and sweat prices much, much higher :) Just teasing, don't mind me. I know a person who graduated within 2 weeks and she/ he had all TPs within first 24 hours. Nice person, more money than brains though :)...
  3. Sarah Hawkwood

    five noob days - a different start

    You are quite right. 90%, at least lower maturity mobs. All depends on type of armour. As for results, it is risky. The more over your level you hunt, the more luck you need. Overall return rate would be lower than 90%, because such activity would be more gambling. But add a team to this, an...
  4. Sarah Hawkwood

    Project Entropia vs. Entropia Universe

    1. MA went bancrupt in the past, I think. Around 2003, but I never tried digging deeper, so you will have to do it yourself. 2. I'm not sure if we have more players now than we had in, say, 2007. I went to landing place yesterday. I remember times when there were always like 20 new OJs at any...
  5. Sarah Hawkwood

    Project Entropia vs. Entropia Universe

    I find Planet Calypso (because I understand this is the name of this game for the next few months) simply annoying. Yesterday I did my last low level mining and hunting fithin few months (as I won't be able to play Entropia for quite a while now) and it was ok, return of 90%. But since VU 10.0 I...
  6. Sarah Hawkwood

    armors worth sweating for

    Paladin will be difficult to get because of thighs. But you can try to complete gremlin this way. I did in the past (but sweat price was 1.2 back when I was doing this and I was hunting too) so I wonder if it's still possible. Plus, it's a good armor. And the best looking low level one, just...
  7. Sarah Hawkwood

    No Raven For a month

    GL Raven and come back soon :)
  8. Sarah Hawkwood

    Did anyone ever loot a full uber set?

    That's interesting question. Subscribing.
  9. Sarah Hawkwood

    Question: MF Implants

    I was thinking about MF and maybe someone knows more than me, has some news about it and so on... After VU 10.0 I've found my mindforce implant in my inventory, not inserted. I understand that since system was not working, they didn't bother with putting all code to let us have implants left...
  10. Sarah Hawkwood

    Found this by mistake.

    You can find such posts or reviews on any gaming website, any website that lists MMOGs and allows to write a review, any gaming webzine. And you could find them few years ago as well. Which is sad, because it means that MA/FPC fucked up something seriously. If I wasn't eager to learn where's the...
  11. Sarah Hawkwood

    the mindark miss

    These booths owners actually won better location, closer to TP in Cape Corinth. I feel sorry though for some other people, who were screwed after 10.0, when their shops were moved to far worse locations. And altough I don't own a shop, such movement on MA's side effectively cured me from...
  12. Sarah Hawkwood

    The Storylines: RW morality in VR

    One has to know the difference between the fiction and reality. Altough I do agree that MA/FPC have little imagination when it comes to event storylines. That they serve us cruel, morally ambivalent world... Well, big part of fantasy/SF literature/games/cinemathography is set in cruel worlds...
  13. Sarah Hawkwood

    More PvP - The Bad Loot & Economic Solution

    Once again, you forget that not every one likes this adrenaline rush. Some people, like Brooklyn, but I know many more, simply do not like it. So what do you want to achieve? Half of community avoiding Amethera whatsoever? It would be wasting the resources MA put into making that continent. I...
  14. Sarah Hawkwood

    More PvP - The Bad Loot & Economic Solution

    Increasing the ammount of PVP areas in EU is not a solution for getting this game from a puddle of shit it has been thrown into by MA/FPC. 1. Not everyone and their dog like PVP. If you increase amount of PVP zones, ppl will avoid them however they can. Or, if you make every possible place PVP...
  15. Sarah Hawkwood

    Question: Would you hunt Merps?

    If the LA is really bad for mining, then yes, I would hunt them. I liked big ones in miner mountain area, altough that was very poor choice for huge merp spawns. My only one global on merps was there and I can say that big ones can have loot actually. Voted for stalkers.
  16. Sarah Hawkwood

    Idea to encourage new players to deposit

    I think this idea is better than thread starter's one.
  17. Sarah Hawkwood

    Wish to recreate your avatar?

    Last time I've seen my ava, she was perfectly ok. But it was... Well, a couple of weeks ago. Did anything change in EU during last three weeks? I guess I will have to log in and check it out... Wait a sec... Aren't you trying to mess with avas, MA guys, to force people to actually log in? If...
  18. Sarah Hawkwood

    Question: Do you think the MOBs are toughter now?

    Hogglos are tougher. Drones too. As for troxes I don't know, as the highest maturity I've killed in this VU was Dominant, so nothing difficult actually. Hard to tell when it comes to other mobs, because I didn't have many occasions to hunt recently.
  19. Sarah Hawkwood

    new planet?? blue mars

    I guess that if you wanted to use cry engine, crytek would sell it to you without any problems. As long as you are able to pay.
  20. Sarah Hawkwood

    BFG 9500GT v Sapphire Radeon HD4650

    LOL so does it matter? Each of these cards will work for you the same as for non British, you know... Unless they are adjusted to show left side of the screen better... 1. Do not buy in PC World. They have serious issues with their brains and in my whole life I haven't seen a shop that would be...
  21. Sarah Hawkwood

    Question: Anyone else getting taxed to pieces on their depositing?

    What about UKASH? They have it in the nearest shop where you top up electricity and gas.
  22. Sarah Hawkwood

    Info: Free Opalo giveaway for the Hill Climbing n00b!

    Noone stops you from thinking about this DJ :)
  23. Sarah Hawkwood

    SGA item collection

    LOL at this one. Brilliant. +rep ;D
  24. Sarah Hawkwood

    Inaccessible 602 PED deposit – no refund possible

    Do not pull too much. In other words: I wouldn't count on it. Anytime dude. As long as you pay for this view I'm happy to fly around your head as long as you want. Damn, can do it in my underwear only, so you don't feel ripped off too much. So? Will you cover at least 100% of jetpack fuel and...
  25. Sarah Hawkwood

    Selling: Handgun skill chip tt 70.92

    Chip sold.