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  1. Carlyfornia

    PRICE CHECK: Medium Apartment Genesis Amerthera HQ

    Can anyone advise me on a price to sell? Tower E, 8H right next to TP. W/ Balcony. 150 drop space. Thanks :)
  2. Carlyfornia

    Selling: Medium Apartment @ TP

    Medium apartment w/ balcony at Genesis Amerthera HQ Tower E, 8H. Any offers? ;)
  3. Carlyfornia

    Damn you are almost 3 months younger than me! ;P lol

    Damn you are almost 3 months younger than me! ;P lol
  4. Carlyfornia

    Hey Buddy! :)

    Hey Buddy! :)
  5. Carlyfornia

    Question: Help ! :)

    So if i get him to tell MA that the account is mine and send identification then i should be able to get a name change? :)
  6. Carlyfornia

    Question: Help ! :)

    LOL well fellow welshy ;P i totally have a girlfriend now haha. Where are you from btw? Port Talbot here.... :P
  7. Carlyfornia

    Question: Help ! :)

    My ex made both our accounts using his name, does anyone know if i am able to change the account over to my name. I have submitted a support case but have heard nothing yet. If anyone knows anyone or has had any similar experiences themselves it would be great to hear input. Thanks and Good...
  8. Carlyfornia

    Buying: Hair Stylist Chair.

    Buying Hair Stylist chair, PM with the price which you want for it. Carlyfornia
  9. Carlyfornia

    Team Wales 2009

    Carly Carlyfornia Fears - representing Port Talbot S. Wales :laugh:
  10. Carlyfornia

    Hey Jak, you know what they say..Great minds think alike :) Thanks for the compliment and rep...

    Hey Jak, you know what they say..Great minds think alike :) Thanks for the compliment and rep. You have a good new year? i've been to AZ..was cool..ChinaMax was nice :P .. Carly
  11. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    yeahh that was on the same lines as i was thinking, with the invisability thing and being able to opt for only selected people to know your location like friends or soc mates. I was also thinking about incorporating something for miners too...where they could screen shot their deposit co ords on...
  12. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    Ah i didn't know anyone had made anything like that before....only played for just over a year. I did submit a support case a week or two ago and nothing back. When was Entropia GPS made?
  13. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    Thanks Lo and Primax for the info :) My fiance is the one who does all the programming i just come up with the ideas and he makes it happen haha. I'm just posting around to see who would be interested. He works alot and doesn't have much free time. If anyone would like to be a part of the...
  14. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    If we can get 100 people who would be willing to use it to respond then we will begin development ASAP So if you are interested - post a reply
  15. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    Yes it would make it alot wouldn't be fair to set everyone as visable on the software for that reason but if we make it and MA approves then we will add a visability feature that you can turn on or off if you wish. We will also add a feature where only friends can view your position...
  16. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    We hadn't really planned that far into it because we wanted to know if it was even worth making because if no one was going to use it then it would be pointless. We did discuss the map being a much bigger version...because the TP chip map is so small and players wouldn't really need to play with...
  17. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    yeah the reason we thought of it is 'cause my brother is really bad with co ordinates and its really stressful when he takes ages to get back to a certain place and not to mention he is the slowest typer i have ever met lol. Maybe we could add in a feature that takes a screeny of the co - ords...
  18. Carlyfornia

    New Add On For EU

    Hey everyone, My fiance Bret and I had an idea for a new assistant application for in game. I have run the idea past MA to see if they object but no reply so far. Anyway i will tell you the general concept of it, the reason for this post is to see if players would actually be interested in it or...
  19. Carlyfornia

    nice, ppl steal space ship

    That day soon you will get a nice big HOF =) There are alot of SOC's full of idiots that are immoral, i know its free for all but stealing someones ship is skanky...i bet he wouldn't like it if it happened to him. i Hope he gets PK'd a bunch of times. Good Luck! Carlyfornia
  20. Carlyfornia

    What not to do to get freebies......

    The other day i was hunting Amblu with a friend and i was at the Nea's tp seeing if anyone else wanted to a few people wanted to join the team even though i specified that it was NOT an opallo hunt...they must have had bad english or something because as we had the first few kills they...
  21. Carlyfornia

    Selling: Selling Geotrek LP470 Manis (L) Blueprint (L) - 46 clicks

    Selling Geotrek LP470 Manis (L) Blueprint (L) with 46 clicks weekly markup is around 70k% but lower offers are welcome. PM me or post a bid below. Carlyfornia
  22. Carlyfornia

    Hey how's it going, we only just woke up lol its 5:42 pm here ... oops. Happy New Year! you on...

    Hey how's it going, we only just woke up lol its 5:42 pm here ... oops. Happy New Year! you on EU now?
  23. Carlyfornia

    Selling: Blueprints for sale

    Hey, Here is the deal, you won't get a blueprint from the auction for cheaper than 1ped, so i've laid a bunch of them out in one of my apartments, they are regular blueprints nothing special, mostly level 1 and 2's, some higher...BUT they are all 1 ped each and if you buy 3 you get one FREE...
  24. Carlyfornia

    VOTE: Awesome EU Screenshot EVENT!

    De :)
  25. Carlyfornia

    New Tattoo!

    I like it :)