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  1. Qweeg

    The Warchief Sanctuary

    Thanks Nik - sorry I missed that in the content release post
  2. Qweeg

    The Warchief Sanctuary

    HI all, Born again noob question - could someone tell me if the Maffoid wave event still exists please? The location is still there and all the little maffoid areas and the actual event area but I can't work out how to trigger it. I'm sure there used to be a statue on top of the warchief...
  3. Qweeg

    No Skills given while on Auto

    Apart from anything surely Brooklyn's suggestions just bring up the whole issue of fairness to those who suffer from Carpol Tunnel and RSI? Brooklyn - if you play this game long enough, using the mouse to click eventually you will suffer from some form of effect. I don't have RSI but I sure as...
  4. Qweeg

    Enough on the Auto-Use tool already

    Yep this sums up my view on it. Lots of people seem to be saying that it is taking the skill out of the game. Maybe this has some truth in PVP, but normal hunting wasn't exactly rocket science anyway, and drilling claims has no skill whatsover. So the only difference I find now is my mouse...
  5. Qweeg

    Manic Miner event

    You are right that this point can't be effectively argued. However the real question is whether it should be balanced like the other professions - and that is really what people are arguing about. The hardcore miners say mining should be balanced like the other professions. Those on the other...
  6. Qweeg

    what's left to reengineer into 10?

    Thanks everyone for the bits I missed :) . I have updated the opening post with new info. I have just provided a link to the missing mobs thread - no point in recording it twice. Masks have their own line - I was classing them under Hair and beauty but you are right - they are a separate...
  7. Qweeg

    what's left to reengineer into 10?

    With the latest update including teaming and sweating I was trying to work out what functionality that was in v9.x is yet to be converted to 10. Off the top of my head: Functionality: -- Hair and Beauty -- Masks -- Taming -- Flying -- Remaining MF functionality -- Mentoring Other: -- CP --...
  8. Qweeg

    Just fix it because

    But the point is making the text wrap - especially on new discoveries will probably make it more effort to find out the items that have been found. Normally there are only 3 or 4 items in the 24 hour list so they all fit in the window without a scrollbar. If they all wrapped so you could see...
  9. Qweeg

    Just fix it because

    If it wrapped surely you would get less items in the display? I prefer it the way it is than that - and of all the things I have seen people complain about this must rank amongst the most petty and unimportant.
  10. Qweeg

    Selling: Full TT ESI

    Last few hours bump :)
  11. Qweeg

    Selling: Full TT ESI

    As the title says - a full TT ESI SB - 10000 PED BO - 11000 PED Auction will close 24 hours after SB received. Q EDIT Sold to Sam - Many thanks :)
  12. Qweeg

    VU 10.1 approaching

    Brilliant - thanks Marco! See guys I told you it was the punctuation ;)
  13. Qweeg

    VU 10.1 approaching

    I think it's the number of punctuation marks causing the problem: the other guy put 5 on both lines and used exclamation marks both times. So I think we need it like this: ESI ESI ESI!!!!! When!!!!! That should do it - we should get a response as soon as Marco next logs on now ;)
  14. Qweeg

    VU 10.1 approaching

    Thanks for the reply Marco. I can understand the reasons behind most of this as it is a good opportunity to enhance mindforce in general. I guess the thing I was hoping would be included is skill implants. Not to chip out (in my case the opposite) - but since people are still looting ESIs it...
  15. Qweeg

    VU 10.1 approaching

    So when it says mindforce teleportation is it exactly that or does this update include other existing mindforce activities - sweating, healing and skill implants are the ones that spring to mind? I know this has been asked before but as Marco is in the vicinity of this thread I just wondered if...
  16. Qweeg

    Just a bit riled...

    Like Jackfree I am normally very supportive of MA - but I have to say there was a good degree of petulence and not much professionalism in those posts. What worries me - and I think Etopia has mentioned this in another thread somewhere - is that MA seem to becoming one step removed from the...
  17. Qweeg

    Version Update 10.0.14 Content List

    Aaahh McCormick... ;) - sorry couldn't resist
  18. Qweeg

    Version Update 10.0.12 Content List

    lol - so are they back or not?
  19. Qweeg

    FYI: LA 14 - M2S - Itumatrox

    This was post VU10
  20. Qweeg

    Contacting Lucky Akbar Sylphe

    Given there are people clearly concerned about him - don't you think this is a rather tasteless and juvenile post? Hope you guys manage to get in touch with him and everything turns out to be okay.
  21. Qweeg

    Selling: SGA Doa Loudmouth.

    Gl with the sale - worth pointing out I guess that it has twice the range (22 instead of 11) over the standard LM, which will be quite a benefit.
  22. Qweeg

    Achievement: Kydde goes avoidance

    nice one mate!
  23. Qweeg

    OPEN LETTER to improve mining

    I think you need to be careful not to mix all your issues up into one melting pot. Reading through your petition and the various other posts I don't know what it is people are trying to change? Is it: a) Not enough SGA Items for miners OR b) The returns suck for miners OR c) The mining system...
  24. Qweeg

    Version Update 10.0.10

    It didn't - it went from 10.0.9 to 10.0.10 - and this is very normal. Every software development company I have worked for (which is a few) does exactly this.
  25. Qweeg

    TP chips not back until after SGA is over?!?!?

    Marco has commented on this in this thread. So we should have news in a few days :)