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  1. self ortrait

    self ortrait

  2. goodgrief999

    Question: Is this right or wrong? (Containing sensitive issues.)

    My vision is a bit blurred, and so is my judgement, I am going to donate my entire estate, outlining the value of my avatar to famine relief, I can do that, just. I can also see that this would make quite a good read. I can' read that much text tho' - but I had some divine inspiration today...
  3. goodgrief999

    Question: Is this right or wrong? (Containing sensitive issues.)

    "I'm literally struggling to avoid starving to death accidentally."
  4. clean virustotal

    clean virustotal

  5. request to virus total

    request to virus total

  6. goodgrief999

    A real life-long ambition, I have achieved and would enjoy sharing.

    Yes, I do not object at all to your warning - I will provide a virus total scan in response. I was trying to explain that the book is beta, roughly drafted, it is a 'flip page book' or exe with loads of graphics - hence the size and unusual file format. <<<---Virus total scan within the...
  7. goodgrief999

    Question: Is this right or wrong? (Containing sensitive issues.)

    Thanks, the funny part is, I would be able to track down a life insurance policy, and make payments to lead to a payout of say, $200k. BUT I do not have the time, motivation or ability to construct a will, other than a note, which gives access to my account. I have no heirs with whom I am not...
  8. goodgrief999

    Question: Is this right or wrong? (Containing sensitive issues.)

    Heck, I know these things are taboo, but this seems like an opportunity for a very interesting debate to me. ONE WARNING - I will apply the best of my much admired linguistic skills to put down any rude, inconsiderate or ill thought out flames...
  9. goodgrief999

    A real life-long ambition, I have achieved and would enjoy sharing.

    I was so delighted to finally make my book available that I'm putting no effort into distributing it really. Non fiction, more extreme than fiction. Free download. Rough copy (beta version) it's size is due to the graphics.
  10. goodgrief999

    FYI: We Need A Portable Auctioneer

    Useless point, deleted.
  11. goodgrief999

    Worried... (GoldCard Error 72)

    No they do not. Surprise! The original, or first time you pay is a deposit to try and prevent people - let's say one thousand years from now, facing the devastation of a totally poisonous planet with toxic waste that can virtually never be disposed of. Plastic.
  12. goodgrief999

    Hi to all in here :D

    Sorry, I don't speak your first language, but thanks Op, same to you, and my weekend is going OK.
  13. goodgrief999

    Entropia Universe Active Player Base

    As an 'officially inactive' player (I haven't globalled since mid 2012) this statement makes a lot of sense to me - I am still an active participant cos I'm friends on FB with dozens of EU avies/entities or people. I would like to know something that might not be a commercial secret for the very...
  14. goodgrief999

    Monria = Big Dissapointment

    Like any new "business", if it can get through the first three years solvent (without huge debts) then it will have a good chance of success. I haven't even visited it.
  15. goodgrief999

    Show us ya face!

    I'll accept that challenge! me at five. feeling cheeky me
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    fellow brethren
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    a bad day
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    me at 5
  21. goodgrief999

    GenX000's Assisted Hunting Service!

    Quite, and I have just noticed this thread, so will add you in-game to team up (just me) on big trox sometime. I tend to hunt in short bursts (1 hour) then a break, not grinding. Regards, Boo
  22. goodgrief999

    Info: Cant login join anyone else have the problem???

    it's a relief it's not my rig I just formatted my gaming rig, so I thought I had a lot more work to do, thankfully, from the looks of this, it's not my PC. That's a relief.
  23. goodgrief999

    Question: Would it not assist players to know the number of people online?

    For those of us interested in the demographics of an MMO - how many people are we engaged with? It has always been an interesting question to me, I suspect the numbers online at any given time may be concealed for a reason. But not just for sociology or socialising; it is a real cash economy, in...
  24. goodgrief999

    The passion of a World of bits and bytes.

    "If The State could thrust its hand into the past, and say of this or that event 'It never happened', thereby erasing it from history, would that not be more terrifying than mere torture or death?" Winston Smith 'Nineteen Eighty Four' as foretold by The Prophet Mr x. or George Orwell. Indeed I...
  25. goodgrief999

    What is the WORST movie you ever saw and why

    There was a buzz around when some people shot a really great film in my city - Edinburgh. It had Claire Grogan in it who went on to sing some quite good tunes - this was the eighties and Claire Grogan was every guys' dream date. It was called 'Gregory's Girl' and was actually worth watching...