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  1. T79x

    News: Notice

    Notice Like many of you, I m is saddened and angered by the unjustified and unlawful sanctions to Russian players. Therefore i will limit PED wasting activity untill all this ended. Have a nice day
  2. T79x

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    auto reoganizer of inventory added GZ MA looking forward to spend hours and hours to reorganize my stuff once this ussles auto feature is turned off
  3. T79x

    Entropia Universe 17.0 Release Notes

    game is set 1280x800 full , when toggle cursor mode it pops up at 640x400 but at postiton 640x400 of mine desktop res2650x1600 not in middle of screen but way up / left position
  4. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.5.2 Release Notes

    what did you done to CL again ..... each time CL refresh DL stops and start again whitout saving most of dll part 3g conection whit 20 gigs month limit still remain 183 MB to download and i used up 600 MB allready client loader refresh it self 17 times and used 940MB to...
  5. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.4.0 Release Notes

    nice work , client loader east 1GB of mine 20 GB/month limited connection i use when work.. and dll only 100 MB of content stopped dll and will try again when get home
  6. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.0.2 Release Notes

    add Overcharged 105 at 0.00TT still working amps list
  7. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.0.1 Release Notes

    WORKAROUND FOUND Vertical camera offset slider full left in 3rd this force AIM to look down and point at corpse so F will loot it not a way i want to play but it works atm it isnt same as next target , auto , loot as before but atlest i dont need to manuály aim for...
  8. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.0.1 Release Notes

    F will lock target , start shoot and stop shooting when mob is death Lock go away AIM will stay at position of LIVING MOB while corpse move to ground yu got fraction of sec to click F again while AIM is still on mob if you miss it F will auto lock another mob and start shoot and you...
  9. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.0.1 Release Notes

    ahh the update F function still ignore looting mobs as part of its procedure :eyecrazy: ARE YOU TRYING TO GET AS ALL INTO LOOTPILLS ???????????? is it realy so hard to have LOCK on target untill is looted as it was all time before:scratch2: dasboard turns icons on/ Off still...
  10. T79x

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    one is for shure there were no oldtime entropia players working on creating or testing this abomination this is work of someone who just copy pasted from elswhere and dont care that it not maded for this game PS DASHBOARD remove icons from screen is mising ….
  11. T79x

    Entropia Universe 15.20.0 Release

    Welcome to Entropia Universe. Joined channel: [Society seniors] Joined channel: [Society] :yay: great no need relog for soc chats still no fix on menus that not fit screen (cant manage all channels as only few show on screen) and probably no fix on shrinking chats after relogs.. need...
  12. T79x

    Entropia Universe 15.18.0 Release Notes

    RIP PartyArt fun
  13. T79x

    ComPet Announcement

    Question seems none bother to ask .... Where comes money for this transfers sharade ?? DID MA pay for Amds from their own pockets ?? or once again money was sucked from playerbase from reaction of others .... looks all are happy for compensation as they all know they deserve NONE
  14. T79x

    ComPet Announcement

    speculant reselers will have more cheap deeds to sell for profit as soon amd will be tradable investors who wana buy and hold will have less time to buy it from webshop will be interesting if ppl buy all amd from webshop faster than MA implemnt this scam , and then NPC will have...
  15. T79x

    ComPet Announcement

    you make wrong decision and make bad investment now instead taking loss, you get rewarded whit working deeds MA make loss and ARK will pay for it insted getting cash for deeds from players MA will not pay them 6 usd for deed :mad:
  16. T79x

    Gold Card Announcement

    any 2FA is better than just login and pasword so i guess i accept defeat since is ussles to argue whit rest of world who thinks less secure is better secure and will adapt to this brave new world
  17. T79x

    Which Phone/Device will you use for entropia pocket?

    main problem smart users seems can get GC does not give anythig else than 6 digid code and you can get it from mine cold hands.... Gold card does NOT gather data to be sended to 3rd partys while smart stuff gives everything to anyone from everywhere just push few...
  18. T79x

    Gold Card Announcement

    Evolve lol rather degenerate evolving means improving going to smart phone/ tablet from GC is not improving or please point me at those SECURITY improvments END USER get...:laugh:
  19. T79x

    The Day the Music Died

    ahh the old days partys:wtg:
  20. T79x

    Gold Card Announcement

    great so quick search in local shops 50 USd cheapes tablet or smartphone able to run app if want something that can fall of table rezist water dust etc allmost 200 usd all that to have less safer metod and giving MA acces to allmost all in device "Entropia Pocket MindArk PE...
  21. T79x

    Gold Card Announcement

    and how hard is send SMS to cellphone ? so we dont need to buy any smart stuff ?? its enough secure for my bank to comfim depos to game but not enough to log in:scratch2:
  22. T79x

    Gold Card Announcement

    on other note ....... Security is about trust GC was sended to you by MA and needed to be activated by support you get all from MA card and reader so why MA dont choose prefered device, instaled prefered system ,and one and only app allowed to be instaled and send us...
  23. T79x

    Post a picture of your Gold Card if you want to keep using it!

    foto done by Nintendo 3DS XL
  24. my setup

    my setup

  25. T79x

    Gold Card Announcement

    i Play EU on 7" GPD Pocket (UMPC) GC is 1/4 size of my laptop now im FORCED to buy device that will be 1/2-3/4 size of my laptop device that can be affected by WIFI , Bluetooth and infrared device that can be much easily broken all i see it may be cheaper to MA to maintain but...