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  1. lokiscamaro

    Ebn: Peace on calypso

    i suggest Deathifier leave the dna untouched, right next to his new fancy display case. just like the egg before it. let this whole Egg/Feffox thing fade off...... seems like a fitting end to the whole mess to me. Ah....the egg. :laugh:
  2. lokiscamaro

    Famous Entropians

    dont forget EU's first prolific filmaker, and healer of all noobs. Danielle YourMom Deathbringer. :)
  3. lokiscamaro

    Discovery: Warp Drive IV BP

    ahhhh, the Worf!
  4. lokiscamaro

    ATH: Austro flips the Bird

    YEE HAAW!!! nice one m8, lol another big one for Pyrates kill em all!! :cowboy:
  5. lokiscamaro

    Discovery: Herman ARK-10 Smuggler UL

    gratz mate, long live arkadia!!! kill em all.
  6. lokiscamaro

    PigBenis's Mining Thread

    right on Pig! good luck to yas m8
  7. lokiscamaro

    Uber: my first tower ever

    nice hit my old friend, seems you gotta sell it all to get any back. good for you m8 :)
  8. lokiscamaro

    Question: Is Arkadia already losing momentum?

    I think exactly this kinds of posts are why we need posts like humanwoman makes. Now, those claims about "arkadia's economy will soon rival calypso's" - care to provide some kind of reasoning? Or at least some kind of timeline for "soon" ? AHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH give ME a timeline for...
  9. lokiscamaro

    Question: Is Arkadia already losing momentum?

    perhaps humanwoman, the best advice IS go there for yourself, there are people everywhere. newbs at the firebases, random greendots out mining. our forum is full of new posts and new ideas to make it work as a community. curiously absent however are the grumpy ass forum trolls that lurk under...
  10. lokiscamaro

    Entropia Universe 12.0.0 Release Notes

    SO WTF???? we now need wire from RT to repair our vehicles? way to make sure your stupid golden boy gets to keep his lame ass planet, gonna be alot of dead ass vehicles around BAD JOB MA!!!! ive been a fanboi for a long time MA, but this time you fucked up real good............lootable pvp...
  11. lokiscamaro

    Calypso promotion

    i guess maybe they are going to wait another 10 years. after all they made it the first 10 with almost no advertising........
  12. lokiscamaro

    calypso vs arkadia as wow vs rift

    what is this "Calypso" you speak of?
  13. lokiscamaro

    ATH: 47663 PED Kamaldon Dominant!

    dude. nice one. :cowboy:
  14. lokiscamaro

    AAHHHH Help!!

    so i updated both computers today. i even logged in on one and went to Arkadia, but now i cant log in..... i get the ToU, and then nuthin.....for like 5 mins then a "can not connect" message. anyone have the same problems? any ideas? HELP!!!!
  15. lokiscamaro

    Your 2-sentences-to-beginners

    only put in what you can afford to lose. Kill 'em All.
  16. lokiscamaro

    News: Medium Figher V attack PA (video)

    lol my sleip is armed id have a tough time not shooting at em if i was flying around them. looks cool, i want one
  17. lokiscamaro

    New voice chat - OMG, why no stop spam option?

    turn down your volume..........
  18. lokiscamaro

    release notes 11.10.0 :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
  19. lokiscamaro

    What's the currnet incentive to use "normal" weapons?

    the answer to the OP's question is quite simple. skills. ive said it a hundred times, ill say it hundreds more. take an ep-40, and a korrs-400 with 100 ped in ammo for each. count your gained skills with both. you will see a marked difference. ive used the same gun now for 4 years, and my chat...
  20. lokiscamaro

    Info: 5x Rocktropia weapons

    i have to say...those rifles look 1/2 finished, compared to the rendering of calypso, and arkaidan weapons, they look almost childish. :twocents:
  21. lokiscamaro

    A new Entropia Baby is born!

    now THATS an ATH! gratz to all 3 of you :) did you get a picture of the swirlies?
  22. lokiscamaro

    Remind me, who has the ODIN Bp?

    ahhh, the odin......
  23. lokiscamaro

    I'm drunk

    screenie or it didnt happen!
  24. lokiscamaro

    Question: Difference between Prospecting and Surveying?

    my wife prospects for ores, so i survey for enmatter. just makes sense.
  25. lokiscamaro

    Question: Account locked!!!

    hmmmmmm..........maybe they mine TOO good :idea: