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    Selling: Adjusted Vigilante (M) T2.99

    Selling full set for TT+1.8k PM here or ingame
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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Initiated 02 Oct 2021, still pending :poop:
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    Selling: Selling my T10 M83 under current MU (Sold)

    Theres 10 Strong Claws and none of them are worth 65k :D
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    why MA doesnt apply Crypto Blockchain to game?

    But blockchain !!! Blockchain is cool and new and hype stonks!!!
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    Is (L) BP decay returned in loot?

    Hey all, I started playing around with crafting a bit recently and have suffered pretty bad returns. Trying to figure out what I did wrong, I wondered if the decay of (L) BPs is returned in loot in any way and whether people have any DATA on that. Cheers and thanks, Taldur
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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Keep in mind that there was a UI update announced that got delayed very late. I guess we just see some side effects of that and wont have to worry about these issues anymore once the new UI is there :)
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    Buying: Genesis Star Excavator, Adjusted

    Buying this excavator. Please send me your offer here or ingame. Cheers
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    Info: Weapon Review: Ashley & Perrin Series Mayhem BP-70, Perfected

    Nono, the gear is superior - dont you get that? People have no idea how big of an impact sample size and big multis in this game have. Sub-Zero got lucky, Zho got bad luck, the truth is probably in between and also impacted by other factors (looter). Even a 10M cycle will not be enough...
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    Info: Weapon Review: Ashley & Perrin Series Mayhem BP-70, Perfected

    No, its just the weapon its not luck or anything. Anyone will have these returns with that kind of gear!
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    Auction Selling Advice

    You don't you just hope there are people more dumb ... uhh willing to invest even more than the people before :rocket: :diamondhands:
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    There are melee weapons that use ammo, so someone has considered it. Some melee weapons use ammo and some don't by design. Messing this up after the introduction is a massive balance change.
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    Taldurs hunting log

    Decent Hof on the last day turned December and the whole year 2020 around. Looking forward to 2021 :)
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    No, its always been this way and is a consideration in valueing melee weapons, you cant just devalue Melee weapons that use Ammo buy making Shrap available for repairs.
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    Taldurs hunting log

    November was a another bad joke in terms of TT, doesnt seem like im getting anywhere even though I unlocked lvl 70 animal looter. I'm starting to wonder why I keep playing :poop:
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    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Mobs are placed to be hunted, not for evade/dodge skilling. I don't care if you interfere with nobody with your nonsense. I do care if you interfere with people who want to play the game as its supposed to be played. By the way, have you considered hunting and getting skill rewards ? Might be...
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    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    You're providing nothing to the game but you interfere with others legitimately playing it.
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    Selling: Strong Argonaut Claw, FEN Edition

    Claw not for sale anymore as the options I wanted to switch too are no longer available, sorry for the guys that made reasonable offers but prices are increasing so hard that there is literally no other option on the market for my previously stated SB. I updated the OP
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    Selling: Strong Argonaut Claw, FEN Edition

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    Price Check Halloween Ring 2020

    Decent utility and enough reload. It's not an event winner but certainly a very good ring for every day grinds opening up a lot of options for the left hand. I personally think 12-15k is a reasonable price, but reason is a thing long forgotten in the market.
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    Selling: Power Fist skills

    Halloween bump
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    Selling: Strong Argonaut Claw, FEN Edition

    Halloween bump
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    I got full deflects on the Firearm vulnerability with my claw. And small dmg during the MF vulnerability. I believe its a flat amount of DMG reduction.
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    Taldurs hunting log

    Added September with pretty bad returns, volatility stays up and I seem to be receiving the bad end of it :D