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  1. Ted

    loot tracker no internet connection need for it to work

    Nice. TY for sharing. Might try it out later, but at the moment I'm a Starfield fanboy
  2. Ted

    Suddenly unable to log in to Entropia.

    Problem was fixed by completely uninstalling EU and reinstalling. TY for answers
  3. Ted

    Suddenly unable to log in to Entropia.

    TY for answers. I tried repairing my files, installed latest 1070 drivers, kept on trying to log in, still nothing. Security code gets accepted, or I would have been out of sync a long time ago ;p Anyone know how I can check if my Videocard is toast? Perhaps the memory on it is failing?
  4. Ted

    Suddenly unable to log in to Entropia.

    Im logging in to Entropia every day. Today Im suddenly unable to log in. I log in and the Security Code is accepted, but Entropia shuts down while loading. Next time I try to log in Im "Allready logged in" this is looping forever. Anyone else had this problem lately?
  5. Ted

    Info: The Mul Event Map

    You are doing the community a big favor as always! Great job!
  6. Ted

    Question: Should botting/ automated hunting be allowed?

    Why not create a new planet: A Deathstar looking mechanical planet where bots are allowed (and ONLY there). Let the botters fight it out over who can make the best bot? Ppl who want to try their human skills against bots can go there as well. Im sure I would go there as Im sure returns would be...
  7. Ted

    Selling: Robot Beacons and stuff

    Old Hangar/Spaceship parts SOLD
  8. Ted

    Selling: 22x[Embra Spectral EnBlade, E.L.M Edition (L)] 10x[CDF BLP Power Amp 3 (L)] and [Enkidd Howler S.5 (L)]

    5[Embra Spectral EnBlade, E.L.M Edition (L)] sold 18 left
  9. Ted

    Unwanted Mayhem Rare

    What is wrong with this picture is you do not understand math. Especially probability calculations.
  10. Ted

    2578 Caudatergus Dominant

    Gratz! But I really wish ppl would tell what was in the loot when they post things like this. It is interesting to see what is in the lootlist for different mobs, and multipliers like this can bring out the good stuff.
  11. Ted

    Selling: Ted Storage Sale Updated 2022.12.04 (Christmas stuff added)

    Christmas stuff added. Sold stuff removed. Will add some more from time to time. My markup wishes are not binding as MU fluctuates a lot. I will not promise to answer lowball offers. TY for watching.
  12. Ted

    Can we have a Pet Sound Volume Controller

    Thread is soon a year old. Has anyone from MA seen this ? Do we need to spam the Support with individual tickets? I thought the whole reason for a Suggestions/Wishlist part of the forum was to have some dialogue with the developers?
  13. Ted

    Selling: Robot Beacons and stuff

    Robot Beacon (111100000000000000001001) 26.81/35 PED Robot Beacon (1111100010101101011011) 39/39 PED
  14. Ted

    Selling: Robot Beacons and stuff

    Robot Beacon (111100000000000000001001) 26.81 PED Robot Beacon (1111100010101101011011) 39 PED
  15. Ted

    Selling: Robot Beacons and stuff

    Robot Beacon (111100000000000000001001) 26.81/35 PED Robot Beacon (1111100010101101011011) 39/39 PED [Face Sculpting Toolkit] [Exarosaur DNA Samples] [Merp DNA Samples] Old Hangar/Spaceship parts (?) : 2 x [Generic Transformer] [SOLD] 2 x [Energy Storage] [SOLD] 1 x [Generic Fuelpump] [SOLD] 1...
  16. Ted

    Selling: FULL M/F sets of Turreloin Settler Clothes for the 20% SpeedBuff Upgrade Mission

    “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”
  17. Ted

    Selling: Furniture

    “Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” -Billy Baldwin
  18. Ted

    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    I've seen games die out because of tuning to gameplay, you are balancing on a knife edge here. EU has relatively few but also very loyal customers. Please be careful and keep as much of the current game as possible.
  19. Ted

    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    This UI looks very static to me. For instance I love the fact I can play with the Mini-map in Bottom center. I can not see this UI making that possible. (Looks like the whole "action" bar in bottom center is a solid block?) Like others have mentioned the customization should be kept or even...
  20. Ted

    Question: Cant login