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    Entropia Universe 18.0.0 Release Notes

    I have seen it mentioned in a few places that the new VU does not run on Windows 11? Can this be addressed officially? I run EU on my Steamdeck with Windows 11, so this worries me...
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    Mini Mayhem HSL event on Takuta - 13 500 PED prize pool

    Halfway through the month. From my first kill to now, I just finished level 9 codex. 27 globals but haven't hit that lucky one... yet!
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    Mini Mayhem HSL event on Takuta - 13 500 PED prize pool

    15 years hunting off and on, and never even shot a spider, so I thought what a great way to pass the time until mayhem! I don't cycle a ton in a week but I'll be living on this LA for the event with my fingers crossed for a lucky loot. First 250 kills under my belt and having fun! Is there...
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    Mini Mayhem HSL event on Takuta - 13 500 PED prize pool

    Waiting on entropiawiki to load armor adviser... hopefully before the event is over.
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    Buying: WTB BC-30 Modified

    Low tier preferred, but send me a PM if you have a BC-30 Modified your willing to part with. Jehu
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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

    The options in powerfist are hardly plentiful enough for a chart (only 6-8 decent options). See below sorted by Efficiency:
  7. Powerfist UL SIB.jpg

    Powerfist UL SIB.jpg

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    Question: Which gun should I use next?

    I will mention that it does also depend on your play style. You mentioned that you like to 'chill' in Entropia hunting while you also multitasking like watching a show or something else. You need range to do this comfortably and your avatar is not running around all over the place pulling your...
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    Overamping and Expected Returns

    Just curious to get some of the communities' thoughts and theories on "overamping". Let's just define it for everyone's sake. Overamping is attaching an amp to a weapon that has higher than half of the max damage for that weapon. For example using a Mayhem L Alpha Amp at (39) Damage on a...
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    Buying: XTLC 400 or Vincent DPS

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    EU on Steam Deck

    FYI - I was able to dual boot my steam deck with Windows 10 (lots of youtube videos out there if you want to give it a shot). The process was a bit challenging, but I got there. (My teenager says "Dad, that video is 20 minutes long and you have been working on this for like 6 hours.")...
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    Buying: XTLC 400 or Vincent DPS

    Interested in either of these rifles. Not in a hurry, but if you got one shoot me a PM.
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    Info: Mayhem Token Trader items (II)

    Would it be possible to list the consumable effects parenthetically after the item name? Would be helpful info, assuming if someone is looking at this list here and not in game that info is not easily available. Or maybe you plan on adding wiki links like the items... not sure if that stuff...
  14. UL Shortblade SIB.jpg

    UL Shortblade SIB.jpg

  15. UL Longblade SIB.jpg

    UL Longblade SIB.jpg

  16. UL BLP Rifle SIB.jpg

    UL BLP Rifle SIB.jpg

  17. UL BLP Pistol SIB.jpg

    UL BLP Pistol SIB.jpg

  18. UL Laser Rifle SIB.jpg

    UL Laser Rifle SIB.jpg

  19. UL Laser Pistol SIB.jpg

    UL Laser Pistol SIB.jpg

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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

    Keep in mind that these charts are for SIB weapons, so guns like the IMk-2 or the 38 special, while viable Unlimited options after level 100 , are not SIB. Some of the new TWEN items were not marked as SIB on the wiki, so I am working on those fixes. Note: Axis labeling fixed, added some...
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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

    I'll look into the missing items. I think I have an idea of what went sideways there.
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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

    Nope. I botched the labeling. I'll fix
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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

    Unlimited Weapons LASER BLP
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    2023 SIB Weapon Charts

    Rolling out some new charts for 2023! This current version focuses on a scatter type chart based on two axis between DPS and efficiency. The first batch will be for unlimited SIB weapons only (thats what most ppl care about) I may tackle the Limited side depending on how this goes. Moving up...