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  1. Lusox

    What we lost in Cryengine Update (Unreal 5 will most likely be similar)

    Not sure if there is anyone even left on the development team that can recognize where those areas in the game were, time has marched on.
  2. Lusox

    Rare tokens

    Good for you that is persistence. I'm 15k tokens in and maybe 1k boxes and no signs of a rare. Are rares now dropping mostly from boxes?
  3. Lusox

    Should Mindark update all the current Argonaut's visuals to the new model?

    That's exactly what I was thinking either way I'm just glad that our opinion is being sought. Having now saw the 2 models I originally didn't care but see now that the new 1 is far superior, like others have said making the "boss" Argo easier to identify and stand out in a swarm would be...
  4. Lusox

    Question: Should Calypso be rebuilt the same in Unreal Engine 5?

    I would like to see the maps stay static or just refined with the main towns still in the same locations. I'm looking forward to exploring a new world so go wild with moving the resources and mob spawns or even where any outposts are to better fit with the terrian. The vegatation can be...
  5. Lusox

    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    I remember the change switching to Cryengine and heard a lot of the same concerns then as well. I'm hopefull that the engine invigorates the development team to take chances, to be creative, this gives them a great oppurtunity to improve the look and feel of the game and the unreal toolkit is...
  6. Lusox

    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    Yeah same, there are plenty of areas from PE that are stuck in my head whether it be the mob area I hunted over and over or mining areas I frequently went to. There are similarities between Entropia then and now but I expect the change to UE5 to be even more drastic to show off the new abilities...
  7. Lusox

    Uber: We come in Pieces... post here again after a long absence. 31375 ped FFA5 Spider

    Awesome loot, good to see a deserving team have both the top and bottom of the HOF list at one point :)
  8. Lusox

    Quick to Quickness

    I have my sights on this 1 too couldn't get it done for 2021 but almost there. On towards Intuition now Suzy.
  9. Lusox

    Help: Tell me you have been playing Entropia for way too long without telling me you have been playing Entropia for way too long...

    placing oil barrels on the ground to make designs, or just dropping items for others to find.
  10. Lusox

    Uber: Uber! Mayhem Nano-Blade, Modified

    Awesome Jak, Gratz
  11. Lusox

    Loot Tracker Tool

    Had my computer crash a couple of times now with the app open and it corrupts the runs data file. The app won't open and will give an unhandled exception error. But by deleting the runs file from %appdata%/Local/EULogger/ and opening the software and reinputting the chat log location again it...
  12. Lusox

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Nobody likes an I told you so, :LOL: but you were right.
  13. Lusox

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Congratulations to MA that is a huge win for them and shows that there is still potential for large investments in this universe. Maybe even MA themselves will be shocked at how quickly it sold out. Did they undervalue it? time will tell based on the ROI. I was interested like many others, to...
  14. Lusox

    Windows 11

    I've been debating if I should install it. Glad to hear that it's been positive for others that make the decision easier to take the plunge
  15. Lusox

    Achievement: My best unlock to date

    Awesome, you'll enjoy the HP gains.
  16. Lusox

    Mayhem Uber with extra candy

    Gratz, that's awesome quite the payday.
  17. Lusox

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Well said Evey, I never understood why a competition that encouraged chipping out was encouraged for so long. I think they still have work to do on this implementation but they must be taking notes for the next Mayhem. Interesting to see such a drastic change in direction but have the majority...
  18. Lusox

    Uber: After 14 years I finally got a 5 digit hof!

    Awesome, Gratz Raven
  19. Lusox

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 12!

    So much fun and a huge turnout for the event with a sea of green on the radar. Thoroughly enjoyed it, Thank you all involved in making it happen.
  20. Lusox

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Looks like an interesting change in direction. Let's see if it's what the community wants and the changes that everyone has been asking for. Halloween has always been my favorite so I'll check it out.
  21. Lusox

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 12!

    Awesome, thanks to everyone involved in putting this together. I wouldn't miss it, just need to stock up on beers and chips (crisps) and be ready to pew pew.
  22. Lusox

    New tracker version

    Thanks, Starfinder for looking into the issues and getting an update rolled out. I use the site daily and I'm sure most of the community do as well, so everyone will be excited to see it's being worked on.
  23. Lusox

    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    First official picture from them on Instagram. Saw it on the discord channel but didn't see it on the forum yet.
  24. Lusox

    Achievement: Intuition

    Gratz that's quite the acheivement!
  25. Lusox

    Which TV Sci-Fi series does Entropia remind you of?

    Love Red Dwarf, happily compare it to it as even after all these years I still go back to it same as EU. Also, Futurama has some similarities.