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  1. MarlaSinger

    Happy birthday me :)

    23 minutes left of my 18th birthday and I just wanted to say thank you to this community for being the best ever this year, I had just registered when I had my last birthday and now it's been a year. Time just goes by real fast.. Anyway, here is a birthday pic of me saying thank you (well, at...
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  3. MarlaSinger

    The elite core at stormer's place

    >.< you're crazy you crazy norrlänning! anyways, looks like you had a lot of fun, so, why wasn't I (ängelholm ftw!) invited? huh? XD :P
  4. MarlaSinger

    Show us ya face!

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  6. MarlaSinger

    S: Ghost Set (M) - Ep-41 - Possibly 5a Set

    Bump for spam-friend! Good luck hun :)
  7. MarlaSinger

    Can't create account

    Are you from romania?
  8. MarlaSinger

    B: coloring services for chili sombrero

    Sarah maybe, but he isn't online much these days..
  9. MarlaSinger

    Trieng to exchange dung to house

    Actually, that did work :)
  10. MarlaSinger

    Forum Whore Graduation post!

    Gratz mate :)
  11. MarlaSinger

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    np: Allister - overrated "Last Stop Suburbia"
  12. MarlaSinger

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Same playlist the few last days; 1. Allister - Better late than forever 2. Allister - Comouflage 3. Allister - Don't Think Twice 4. Allister - Flypaper 5. Allister - Heaven is a place on earth 6. Allister - I saw her standing there 7. Allister - Know it all 8. Allister - Matchsticks 9...
  13. MarlaSinger

    Is the Pe-wiki Working for you?

    Works for me, Telia, Sweden. If there's any problems (I don't know if you got the login from Minder yet Witte), PM me and I'll call Minder..
  14. MarlaSinger

    Who are the richest Tailors?

    I guess Sarah is the richest colorer..
  15. MarlaSinger

    Shooping Malls on Auction NOW

    How are the prices now? Unable to log in :(
  16. MarlaSinger

    How do you look today?

    It's christmas :D Or, here in Sweden it's not anymore XD But anyway, how did you look today? PICS :D (Explanation for this stupid thread; I got a new webcam XD) I got my first christmas present earlier today, a red ipod! :D Then there was the attack of the giant eyes, which I can only blame...
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  20. MarlaSinger

    Curiosity-Atrox Egg??

    Ahh, scrambled egg..(s..)
  21. MarlaSinger

    Art of War Wishes Everyone

    Marry Christas :yay: :wtg: :girl: :beerchug: :cheer:
  22. MarlaSinger

    pe-wiki busted again? Out of disk space...

    Called again - ANSWER :D He was not aware of the problem, he sounded tired and he said that he was going to take care of it as soon as he had the time. :)
  23. MarlaSinger

    pe-wiki busted again? Out of disk space...

    Called, no answer.. I think he decided not to take the call, after a few signals the busy-signal came.. Or he's just on with someone else. I'll try again later tonight.
  24. MarlaSinger


    Or Amathera..
  25. MarlaSinger

    pe-wiki busted again? Out of disk space...

    Haven't talked to him in a few months, and I hate telephones :P I'll do it tonight though if Witte hasn't gotten contact with him.