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    Merry Mayhem Category Lists

    Well 15th in Category 1 without using a team or support, so quite pleased by that. I did think with all the teams I wouldn't even make it into the top 50. And I picked up 5 globals and a ton of skills as well as more insight into the hunting system.
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    FYI: +80% loss

    Its what I've found as well from my experience. That to cut out the "variance" that will exist from short runs, you have to hunt for quite long periods. Around 2 to 3 hours with enough kit to last that length of time. I noticed that in Merry Mayhem. I played about 29 hours for it, most in two...
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    Its legal sell avatar?

    I seem to recall that you need permission with MA/FPC to do it. Plus a RL contractual agreement between you and the buyer to transfer it.
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    Merry Mayhem Winners List

    Gratz to all the winners :D I went solo in cat 1 but I didn't get the kills needed to make it.
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    FYI: Binomial Distribution, Loot, and you.

    I sometimes think that Mindark operates a Bookmaker type system for loot so that the odds of a drop are variable, based on whatever parameters they feel need to be balanced in their "book". I think that kind of already happens now in some sense, even if the loot system is totally random...
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    FYI: Binomial Distribution, Loot, and you.

    For me its probably a mix of both. Ironically this is due to my experiences in two other interests, namely Poker where you have that strange mix of chance and skill that I think EU also has. The key lesson for me in all the above, EU and Poker... is that it is about controlling the things you...
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    FYI: Binomial Distribution, Loot, and you.

    I think the reality, is that people are going to think what they think. We can discuss theories as much as we want, but we all have our own formula to make sense of the world. I've been here close to 8 years and my highest loot was 700 PEDs for a mining claim and that was five years ago. But, I...
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    FYI: Binomial Distribution, Loot, and you. is for me the best example from a TV here in the UK. Its done tongue in cheek but it breaks down the probability.
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    FYI: Binomial Distribution, Loot, and you.

    Hehe, got through it eventually ;-) I'm reminded of the two things that I used within some presentations I do about Statistics. The first is the Gambler's fallacy, which in a simple example is believing for example that because a roulette wheel has come up red ten times its more likely that...
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    Share your old memories from Entropia! (Screenies)

    Ironically I was just posting something on another forum in the same vein. Heres an old one from a mining tool some of my socmates at the time created. This is pre-gold as well, so its ancient! Those were the days, we had the veins respawn times also organised, so we would head out at the...
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    All avatars are born equal my arse

    It would be interesting. I see a lot of similarities between EU and Poker. Both are games which combine skill and chance. And both have very similar complaints about chance and whether its a game thats been fixed ;-) I also think people should concentrate more on what they can control in EU...
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    All avatars are born equal my arse

    To use a term of Poker, there is "Variance", which is how chance effects your short term game versus the skills that you possess. Without data that Spinage mentioned above its hard to work out if someones "variance" is within the norm or not. During Merry Mayhem I picked up four globals and a...
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    Are you or I a loser because we deposit?

    Wouldn't say that I'm a loser because I deposit. Been playing EU since Feb 2002 and have deposit various amounts since that time to try out all the activities available. Granted I have made a profit from selling items I have accumulated and last year cashed out into Real Life, so that I could...
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    Help: Unable to attach enhancers (slot is open)

    I'm getting the same problem with a load of Isis weaponry I bought for the Merry Mayhem. None of them would accept a enhancer.
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    "No Teaming" : It CAN be done

    Well decided to have a go, been wanting to skill up a few of my professions so was a good opportunity. Doubt I'll get far in the rankings but have been getting some good Globals on the mobs. I'm going Solo in Category 1, so maybe that will help analyse the results when they come out. See if you...
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    Petition for "No Teaming" Rule in Mayhem

    Had to check that one :-p Its Gabrial Aziphirael Stone.
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    Petition for "No Teaming" Rule in Mayhem

    Well put me on the list, I was in two minds about participating this year. I don't really play much EU these days too be honest. But I was actually looking forward to MM this year as I had a blast in the 2008 competition and it felt like you could actually compete. But if the teaming business...
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    Selling: Taking offers one full tiger m UL

    Hehe, yeah I was the one that put it on auction so well done to the person who bought it :-) And good luck with the resale. Decided to just let the market decide what the price should be since no matter what price it went I had already made a profit from it since it was part of a trade I did a...
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    Question: Withdrawing PEDS

    Yup you can do it ingame and you select the amount to withdraw. You then are given the option to put in your Bank details if you haven't already (can now this online). When you do a withdrawal the PEDs are taken straight away from the card and it will also say what the fee will be. An email is...
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    Competition for Ped Starter Packs.

    I don't have any sway over the judges even with a 10% sweetener ;-)
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    Competition for Ped Starter Packs.

    Hehe, yeah the name changes have been quite popular ;-) But its a serious competition in any case, basically theres a load of swag from conferences and various interviews they've done, which needs to find a home.
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    Competition for Ped Starter Packs.

    Thought I would post this here for the EU fans :-) Mindhive (formerly RCE UNiverse) is giving away some Entropia Starter Packs. Just need to post why you deserve them ;-)
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    Another "how long to withdraw" thread :D

    Just to note, I sent a support request about UK withdrawals. And it should be noted that depending on how you submit your bank details you may get different currencies. If you submit, IBAN number and Swift/BIC codes then the money will be sent as Euros. If you submit your standard UK based...
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    Uber items decreasing due to stronger dollar?

    Something I've been thinking about with UK Sterling. It use to be US2$ to the £1. Now its about US$1.77. Really thinking about selling out and withdrawing. Although I think it can drop lower given the state of the UK economy.
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    Wish list suggested computers requirements for the new cry engine.

    At present Crysis appears to be limited to Dual-Core. Orginally it was meant to be quad-core capable when it was launched but it should now appear in a future patch. According to a developer interview multiple cores also helps with some of the physics engine and particle affects. Looks like it...