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    Looking for Singapore Active Friends.

    singaporean u can add poon pi pi (Singaporean), he's my brother and I already quitted this game due to family commitment.
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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    re-register as Pi Pi account was banned on same IP :( !Register Poon Pi Pi and he will be using my account instead as i'm not playing anymore. :)
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    missing post.

    ok, my noobie brother joined the forum not long ago and however didn't get the chance or urge to post anything until today that he wanted to enter akoz's event at new Switzerland. however he told me and I verified as well his post isn't showing and waiting for some confirmation/verification blah...
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    10 peds Atroxmania @ LA40/OLA2

    please sign me up as well. Poon Pi Pi
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    Warning - Renewed CTD activity on Calypso

    No because mindark don't love you anymore, just like mindark don't like me anymore :( ( kidding :P ) i having same issues that everyone isn't disconnecting at an area except me, sometime it last and sometimes it don't...... i think it's their server having issues and not because of what we're...
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    for goodness sake...

    yeah i did, the only places that doesn't affect me at all is, sakura, fort zeus and isslye that's all.
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    for goodness sake...

    since the last VU updates, i have been limited to a few more places to hunt because of the constant disconnecting. there's no reply on support at all.. i know this is not the 1st time that mindark server have such issues, but this is definately the longest time that the server is being unstable...
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    Question: Loot TEN edition

    the loot cycle definately is one to look out for... since past experience with a 12k berycled and followed by a few 2-6k of crafting..... i had 3 months of bad returns after then. but then once the 'curse' had lifted up, i had an ATH then.. on mining at Nea's Place which is a 23k cumbriz.
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    could you please give my weapon back

    there's many type of people in this world. but not everyone have conscience. So if someone picked that up and pretend nothing happen, there's nothing we can do about anyway. it's dropped by"mistake", so the chances of people returning would be low, unless mindark really wants to interfer with...
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    soc with asian players?

    not really thought of making one, it's just if there's a soc with asian that plays around the same time would be good, can meet up in game or real. so far i only met 2 person in game since 2006. But thanks :)
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    soc with asian players?

    well my former asian players like cybe, earthquake, tidesong etc... all in hiatus now. wonder anymore soc with active asian players?
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    Question: VU14.3.0.2 - Disconnection bugs

    happens to me in some places and with some mobs still.
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    Global that never was

    how do u make the loots came out in words? instead of the depressing loot window. :P gratz btw :)
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    Best place to trade?

    that's what i'm doing as well when back as a noob :) all TT
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    Just saying Hi.

    well i'm back..... for the time being in my brother's acct. (poon pi pi) those who knew me donkey years ago can send me message here or to that account. cos majority i'm playing it till next month.
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    How many Chinese speaking on this forum????

    i speak/write/cuss with mandarin,cantonese and hokkien.
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    Should Chili con carne have beans it it?

    love it with and without beans. :) but will fart alot after eating those with beans and those farts smells like hotdog.
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    any idea where's this?
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    yup mine came back more than an hour later.
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    A nice little Bery hunt

    that's very common.. u should see what's in my soc chat. *point fingers at Irona.* and BIG GRATS!
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    what did I f**ck up now, and how do I fix it?

    just bring ur graphic card to bestbuy and "flirt" with the geeks squad there, i know the bestbuy where i used to stay nearby have very friendly geeks. just tell them u brought the graphic card here few weeks back and lost reciept, if it's problematic u want to buy a new one.. they will be glad...
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    what did I f**ck up now, and how do I fix it?

    had similar problem happen to me last month.... it's was overheating on graphic card and to fix it is either replace tha fan on the graphic card or buy a new one. you can download Core temp (an application to check if ur graphic card is overheating or not) or CPUID HWMonitor (to check ur overall...
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    Looted ammo NOT adjusted: Hunting losses go through the roof!

    for me on this update .. 1k peds ammo = 1 small global. (returns: 320peds; repairs: 360peds) stupid blazer shit = 16 no loot messages = alot mobs hunted: ambulimax, atrox, equus, neconus, allophyls, estophyls total tier gain.. 0.3 on karma Killer 0,2 on Ghost Arm...
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    Help me get a crafting global!

    crafting globals are not easy to get especially crafting components.. unless conductors and springs which i used to craft alot and u can basically farm ur own items by hunting. the easiest to global on crafting is still amps which is very very costy, but there's another craft which is easy to...
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    Uber: Hogglo 25923 PED

    i was telling irona yesterday when w're in team.. he should really do some pig.