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  1. midnightcalm

    Uber: silent MacMahon

    samething happened me to when i looted mine. nice to see they are still lootable. Gratz
  2. midnightcalm

    162K Explosive Projectiles With Video (And Giveaways!)

    Gratz, still dreaming of the day when I will get mine. Just don't go blow it all in one place enjoy it. :beerchug:
  3. midnightcalm

    Achievement: Over 1000 hofs

    After 11 years of playing finally reached 1005 hofs. Last hofs that pushed me of 1000 was 8 from a Ark golden Key run. Sadly golden key run only got a dna part.
  4. midnightcalm

    Buying: Arkadia Golden Key BP

    Bump, still looking for bp
  5. midnightcalm

    Buying: Arkadia Golden Key BP

    Arkadia Golden Key BP, pm me with what you have.
  6. midnightcalm

    Selling: MacMahon Vengeance UL - Tier 0.7

    MacMahon Vengeance For Sale!!! Looted this awhile back, decided it finally time to sell it. Pm me with offers please. 0.7 tier Tier numbers Entropedia extra info:
  7. [MacMahon Vengeance]

    [MacMahon Vengeance]

    item tier numbers
  8. [MacMahon Vengeance]

    [MacMahon Vengeance]

    item description tier .07
  9. midnightcalm

    Buying: Buying Angel Arms and Thighs M UL

    Looking to buy Angel Thighs M UL. PM me if you have them and what price. Edit update. Just bought some Angel arms, just looking for thighs now.
  10. 20k tower hof board

    20k tower hof board

  11. 20k tower

    20k tower

  12. 2.4k before tower

    2.4k before tower

  13. midnightcalm

    Uber: First Tower

    it was a big pill, was 8 or 10 hour pill. gave 100% skill gain boost.
  14. midnightcalm

    Uber: First Tower

    First tower and almost took me 11 years to get it lol. I was have bad day hunting and decided to to buy the biggest amp I could afford with the ped I had left. Which ended up being a Terra amp 7. Using my f-104+terra 7... 3rd drop in Tower wooooo.
  15. First Tower after

    First Tower after

  16. First Tower

    First Tower

  17. midnightcalm

    Uber: Good day to uber

    6375 uber elkarr scope to start the day off. Used this hof to buy ML-35, then I went out tp jumping around and killing random mobs, ending up on formicida 1206 uber strong Spent some more time hunting with a fapper, got many more globals and an esi. Decided to end the day mining some. 237...
  18. 237 blaus

    237 blaus

  19. 1206 form hunting

    1206 form hunting

  20. 6375 scope crafting

    6375 scope crafting

  21. midnightcalm

    Uber: First of the Year

  22. midnightcalm

    OLA39 SW of Aukmul Progressive Jackpot

    Register: Midnightcalm Mid Moon
  23. midnightcalm

    Discovery: Best graphic Glitch - Red Replace Ball

    Best Graphic issue I have seen in game. Ark Underground
  24. replace2


  25. replace1