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    Virtual Reality Presidential Race Begins - PR Newswire (press release)

    Let the endless flood of alt accounts begin! *edit* Virtual Reality is a concept, not a place. Being elected the President of Virtual Reality is like being elected the President of Love.
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    Selling: Pathfinder XVIII, EWE LC-100 Frontier, a106, Full set Boar (M) and more

    I have now thought better of selling my items. I apologize for anyone who wasted time PMing me. This thread can be closed please, and removed as it was a waste of forum space to begin with
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    Racist remark apology

    On May 10, 2015 I referred to Troy micjack mcco as a "mush-mouthed ghetto person" 2015-05-10 01:21:45 [Space travel] [KingNobody Noway Nohow] I know mush-mouthed ghetto people don't understand grammar, but can't you rise above your limitations? This statement was not made as a...
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    Fond memories

    One of my fondest memories is also one of my first, and one of my scariest.... I had just ascended to the lofty height of level 5(!) Laser Sniper, and I was now an invincible asskicker. Armored like a tank in my Goblin, my Opalo dealt death to all before me, and I strode among the Snablesnots...
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    Entropia took the fun out of my computer games

    The difference between Entropia and other games is that other games are games.
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    In your wildest dreams...what would you like MA to do to space in June??

    The guns on a Privateer are most definitely shorter range than Quad and MS guns. Higher lvl armament devices do not increase the gun range, only the number of simultaneously usable gunner seats.
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    Why are you playing EU atm?

    There's no option for "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women"
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    In your wildest dreams...what would you like MA to do to space in June??

    I agree with everything Xane said (never thought I would say THAT lol)
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    What constitutes an act of piracy ?

    That's "King of Nowhere" thank you, or you may address me as "Your Adequateness"
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    What constitutes an act of piracy ?

    Let's not forget that as a long time associate of Yoshii, you're in this up to your eyeballs. All these calls of bullying by the Kronan (and they all come from the same 4 people) don't make mention of the systematic campaign of slander, griefing, and hostile competition by Yoshii and members of...
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    What constitutes an act of piracy ?

    I seem to recall that when the Krusenstern launched 2 known pirates to attack an EFA scheduled warp, you weren't arguing about them being labeled pirates. Now that the Varyag launches 2 known pirates to attack the Kronan (and joined in the attack themselves), it's NOOO they're not pirates...
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    Question: How come 1$now is 9.5PED in webstore

    I don't think anyone is surprised anymore by any chicanery or even blatant larceny by banks worldwide. Frankly I would be surprised if the the banks WEREN'T double dipping, as the only reason they are not considered criminals is that they've lobbied to have the laws changed to make their blatant...
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    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them)

    I'll also sign this petition, for the reasons stated above by Granny and Neil, and also the fact that the nanocubes are essentially casino chips and MA has abandoned all pretense of EU not being a slot machine. I wonder about the legalities of all this...
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    Mothership animations

    Dear MA, Please fix the animations and seating on motherships and pathfinders. That is all -KingNobody
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    Info: The History of Spacecrafts

    I notice that I am not listed as the owner of the Pathfinder XVIII, which I currently own. I was also the owner of the Pathfinder XIV briefly before it came into Mitsuwa's possession.
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    Is the thrill in hunting still there for you?

    Pffft, don't get all snippy with me just because you're doing it wrong. BTW, I've probably been playing longer than you. Edit: If you joined in 2010 as your profile says, I have most definitely been playing longer than you.
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    Who is in charge?

    We have Universal Ammo for that now.
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    Is the thrill in hunting still there for you?

    I couldn't disagree with this thread more. To me it sounds like a bunch of hof-mongering gamblers going "boohoohoo, I don't get big giant loots anymore". I have NEVER HoFed hunting. It doesn't bother me, I find that loot is good enough lately that with some careful planning, I can easily...
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    If you had to describe Entropia as a motto, what would it be?

    "Entropia Universe: At least we're not League of Legends" "Entropia Universe: Let your Wallet do the Shooting" "Entropia Universe: Because other games are games" 'Entropia Universe: Social Darwinism for the Masses" "Entropia Universe: Makes Eve Online look like Candy Crush" "Entropia...
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    New player explosion?

    I stated in previous posts that EU is a concept that was way ahead of it's time and is finally coming into it's own. I think the increase in new players can be at least partially attributed to that.
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    Playing as a Male

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    Dmatrix was hacked

    My condolences That's rough man, and it seems you're not alone. I've heard of at least three avatars that have been compromised within the last 6 months. I'll FL you and talk to you ingame. Again, my condolences on your misfortune, and I hope you can get a satisfactory resolution to this...
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    According to MindArk Officials we are not "Rich" Enough :-)

    ROFL You, madam, have won the internet.
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    If you think EU is bad.. Then youre dead wrong!

    That's what I did. Been playing since 2009, didn't bother to make a forum account until last year or so...
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    Fixed exchange rate between PED and USD

    "Won't be eating each other"? Speak for yourself. What's the point of a catastrophe if we can't EAT each other? Honestly, some people just can't get their priorities straight.