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    Notice of Changes to Treasure Island in Calypso Updates 2013.1 and 2013.1.1

    Come on MA Act professionally This isn't pocket change anymore.
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    FYI: Monria revealed

    You are probably right. And the issue might not just be about copyright (which could be very hard to win, if it was not for an establish public domain of lots of its iconography) but about trademark And I think Arkham House probably has this one well defended (The main reason that nobody...
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    Pricecheck on all these 5B plates

    Thank you. (I tried to put one on refiner but I forgot that it might required it to be full TT.)
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    Pricecheck on all these 5B plates

    Where does the disassembled plates come from ?
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    are pirates abusing the sound bug to crash people in space and loot them?

    Does the bug affect people who don't have any kind of sound on ? A) Disable ingame sounds B) Disable sound card.
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    ATH: MODIFIED Angel Harness

    Amazing loot. I was nagging with my friends why would people shoot those mobs with medium budget weapons You proved me wrong.
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    Question: Artefact Mining

    More decay => bigger value of the skill gain (valid in all professions)
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    Petition: Restore old mining loot system

    Go drop probes before complaining I like the current system.
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    Chipping Optimizer Tool

    Thank you for a great tool. You have Glamor unlocked :eyecrazy: (I don't think it is possible without having Coloring Methodology or Fashion Design) But I had to ask :cool:
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    Question: Eco, eco, eco fact or fiction?

    I think there was an improvement. Because For someone to get that major loot somebody had to made it available in the first place. The money comes from the players MA isn't a charity.
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    Where do hunters go wrong?

    Most hunters don't have the smallest clue on how the loot system works. (not exactly their fault, it is hard to get any clues, MA isn't telling a lie when they answered that it is dynamic)
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    Feffox Mayhem Results

    My congratulations to the winners I just would like to add that: All the streams that I saw didn't have 4 sacs for each 11 kills (in average)
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    Question: Eco, eco, eco fact or fiction?

    I advise you not to do this test. I may agree that it may show a significative increase in average loot per mob But it was changed early this year. Before that it would be brainless simple to notice the difference.
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    Selling: Ranked FlameThrower

    My S.I. Flamethrower doesn't take them (don't know if other flamers in Cyrene do)
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    Mars One Project - Who's going?

    I saw the documentary on how current the south pole instalations were built. If something on our planet is that hard I can't imagine what it would take to make anything decent on Mars.
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    Lose 50k ped answer ma:

    And even like this not wise setup I think that some lucky avatars could in the past break even :lolup:
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    Help: Suggestion for starting Stamina

    In case you didn't notice. New players that start today didn't lost only those 8 points. There were 2 easy missions that gave stamina that aren't available anymore And several other missions that gave stamina no longer reward that. Unfair maybe but that's life but the truth is it isn't in...
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    New Mining or Old Mining?

    If there is more random variation then higher than "break even" loots will happen more often. Mining loots are different, less variation will mean obviously less players having globals. What concerns me more is that a viable mining habit of many of my friends is no longer a valid way to mine...
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    Unbalanced Merry Mayhem TEN

    At this is what the winners are doing.
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    Unbalanced Merry Mayhem TEN

    People were "sweat gathering" the feffox (without armor)
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    Unique MindArk PHG

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    When will I tp back to the surface?

    It's very simple The people in your friend list get the message that you log out. Ask them to press U to get that time. Before that happens your avatar is ingame and time is counting. If you really want to be precise also ask them to get the time when you log in (since you may crash before...
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    Help: New Crafting Question.

    Quite simple: Read the most you can on the subjet: This is what you will probably find: On a blueprint that it is at its maximum rate of sucess you only will be geting sucess on about 40-42% of the attempts the others will be near miss or failure. which means that it will require lots of...
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    Spring Mayhem Event Teaser

    That would be a very good stimulus for people to enter the event.
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    Question: Eco, eco, eco fact or fiction?

    MA changed the loot system several times. So currently if it is still true that "cost to kill" has "direct influence" it is hard to prove like it was in the past It was very simple to see that if you used a 21 damage amp on a 4 damage weapon loot would be significatively diferent (it isn't...