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  1. Kirgon

    Mining Finder Amplifier Efficiency

    yeah claims smaller als dropcost are rare but nothing new e.g. droping unamped 1 ped ore you can get 0,7 ped ignisium
  2. Kirgon

    My wild, subjective & inaccurate speculation on Gold Rush Mining 2023 win places

    probably not me because i sleep xD - i also expect ereberto to win
  3. Kirgon

    FYI: Minning Log - Road to ath? or Mindark Broken System?

    if you get constant 91-92% return you might need to adjust your strategy. btw sometimes loot feels broken and i usually relog in this cases - might be imagination - ma did not respond to my ticket and it got closed due to age
  4. Kirgon

    Is time . to minning get new tools

    i am quite happy with mining - i mean if we have more possibility to cycle faster and easier the mu will just drop further
  5. Kirgon

    The True Value for Entropia Unreal Token

    it does not cost 100 ped if the bid value starts low. everybody can guess his intention
  6. Kirgon

    My Mining Journey

    yeah not a good time for miners atm
  7. Kirgon

    My Mining Journey

    his post #157 contains the total result after 100 runs