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    Wow... withdrawal actually works...

    At the end of April I made the tough decision to liquidate my account. Had the bar exam coming up so I 1) needed some cash and 2) didnt want the temptation of EU to distract me from my studies. MA came through. I just checked my account and noticed their deposit. Well done, guys.
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    This is Not ‘Your’ Market

    Hardwraith is right on about Walmart - they make the prices for end comsumers the cheapest. That is the ultimate goal of any capitalist society. If anyone wants to debate me on why capitalism is by far the best system for promoting inovation and hard work.... I will gladly do so in a different...
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    This is Not ‘Your’ Market

    Further, I challenge Toolman to continue to charge 15 per flight, as often as possible, and then we will see how long it remains profitable for the rest of the pilots to charge 20 before they start cheating and selling for less as well. At this point, the cartel will fall apart and competitive...
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    This is Not ‘Your’ Market

    huh? In my mind, this issue, despite deviations into socialist nonsense as citing Walmart as evil for being more efficient, is about supply and demand. Rational players will pay the lowest price possible for the same service. As a general rule, the cheaper a service such as space flights is...
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    This is Not ‘Your’ Market

    Thumbs up to you toolman for being the maverick in the pilot market. I don't play the game anymore but I keep tabs on the forum as a part time-economist/antitrust attorney. There is a whole series of laws developed in the US to prevent the artificial raising of prices to supercompetitive...
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    be carefull when investing - values can go down

    yeah man. but in america, if you are going to sell investment contracts, you need to disclose the material aspects of the investment, and the relevant risks therof. will keep the forum updated on my withdrwal request. I have 4 days between my last exam and the first day of bar exam...
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    be carefull when investing - values can go down

    I've noticed this unreliabilty quite a bit. From simple things, like upping decay on armors, to the more complicated examples that Spod mentions, it is impossible to place an accurate value on any item in this game. MA really needs to disclose its plans with regards to any changes that may...
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    Is EU just a drug?

    Great post. It has been found that gambling produces chemicals (perhaps dopamine, as you mentioned) in the brain which yeild near identical reactions, as read by whatever they use to moniter that stuff, to addictive drugs such as cocaine. I have suspected for quite some time that those globals...
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    Public Thank you!

    Wow. Guess the braintrust didn't expect this problem.
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    Buying - Full t-bird (m)

    anyone wanna sell? If so, please pm asking price. :)
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    Uh... Paypal?

    I have dealt with many times. They are a registered (MA approved) reseller of ped cards and they accept paypal payments. Their service is always prompt and reliable. You can find a link to their site in the transfer section of the client loader.
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    Last Formicacida DNA part

    who bought it.... and where can i find them?
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    armor/platings stopped working

    Yeah I hate this one. Basically my qbar just doesnt work, it randomly shuts off. No fap, no guns, and always during critical situations, ie pvp or during big mob. then it just starts up again, usually after i die. Another nice surprise this VU.
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    No need to be a d*ck...

    far from it... atm.
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    No need to be a d*ck...

    I think you guys missed the point. I'm just saying that there are many players in PE who are respected as being quite good. My point is that once you reach that level, you can easily be a dick to younger players, but those that choose not to should be commended. SWR.
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    No need to be a d*ck...

    I've been playing PE for about 5 months now. I think im a decent player, I can kill most mobs, and I have a lot of fun doing it. I realize I'm still a noob, but I dont appreciate that some players feel the need to remind me about it. IMO ubers and other good players should be an example of...
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    The Following Account Hacked

    yep- pm'd me asking fr "help". I put the avatar on ignore - sorry dog.
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    How Lame Can It Get???

    Goals - "Manufacturing Tools" is kinda funny...
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    Red Bull - What are the risks?

    Really ugly :). In fact, I may be banned in one foreign country because of it.
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    Hoggolo Guardian ?!?

    Yeah, weird, I know. Killed one on Saturday before the DK event, and one today. Thought they only got as big as old. Thing was like a brick wall, tons of health. Click to enlarge
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