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  1. kingofaces

    FYI: Phishing AI

    Others have mentioned it, but you might want to change the title to Phishing. I keep seeing this topic and think it's something about fishing on NI.
  2. kingofaces

    Force-shield generator for small spacecraft

    I don't think it should be a surprise by now that not everything is listed in-game, much of the knowledge about the game is through player knowledge. That's part of the fun of this game too. That said, that info is listed right on the wiki entry for quadwings.
  3. kingofaces

    Revived on Cyrene Space Station when I was closer to Calypso

    I assume you hadn’t crossed the server line? You can’t see them on the map like on planets, but you’ll see your ship “jump”/lag when it does cross. It’s like on-planet where it doesn’t matter if a revive terminal is closer to you if it’s in another server.
  4. kingofaces

    Possibly selling some very rare items.

    Actually my update in my thread was because a bought a painting due to this post. They only had one painting I did not have in my gallery, otherwise I probably would've been buying more.
  5. kingofaces

    The Entropia Art Gallery - Entropia's Largest Collection of EU Art

    Been awhile since an update, but I just added a Liquidsilver Painting to the collection! The list in the OP has been updated for all other paintings I'm still looking for.
  6. kingofaces

    Beneficiary Clause

    That isn’t a guarantee. Your account will get the TT value of items if it’s been inactive for a year at least in terms of the EULA. If you or someone logs in after that, you can withdraw the PED at least. Items like estates go to the relevant Planet Partner and support has confirmed that it’s...
  7. kingofaces

    King's Quarry - Discount Mining Tools & Resources

    Added some bulk stock and more amps. Starting to get the finder supply settled, so those should be regularly stocked. TM7-8 as well as Terra 10 amps should be coming soon too.
  8. kingofaces

    Price Check [Omegaton Mayhem Power Claw Cleaver, Modified] price check

    The claw is valuable to those who don’t want UA getting used for hunting. I’d ballpark closer to 30k nowadays. The FEN powerclaw helps gauge what an upper cap is at least. The DPS is definitely a step up compared to the step below range like BC-30 etc. There are a few TWEN weapons that have...
  9. kingofaces

    UI Release: Bug/Crash Report Thread Part 2

    LBML hasn't been updated to to work with the new coordinate setup yet, so it shouldn't be working. In the old UI, you could at least put a sticky note behind the radar to remove transparency like I mentioned, but that doesn't work now either.
  10. kingofaces

    UI Release: Bug/Crash Report Thread Part 2

    See previous linked thread for example images. Bug Report Title: Radar coordinate transparency Date Found: 2/27/2024 Description: Expected: To reduce unwanted transparency issues with the radar, sticky notes could be placed under the radar by placing the note over the radar (coordinates...
  11. kingofaces

    UI dev team recieve feedback after release

    I don’t think many have because it’s not really an option. The old UI is what was apparently causing some lag issues when loading, etc., so that’s in part why they started from scratch (as well as easier to port to UE5).
  12. kingofaces

    Help: UI Release: Feedback Thread

    Just wanted to say thanks for the shop UI update! Pricing is so much easier now that we can type in numbers instead of having to click the dial.
  13. kingofaces

    Help: UI Release: Bug/Crash Report Thread

    Bug Report Title: Sticky notes can no longer be placed under radar Date Found: 2/21/2024 Description: Expected: To reduce unwanted transparency issues with the radar, sticky notes could be placed under the radar by placing the note over the radar (coordinates specifically). When clicking on...