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  1. Entropia Dao

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.2

    I don't like the new sabakuma look. It looks like a generic monster from some other game. I really liked the concept of the old mob better. Now it looks like a crab with 4 legs. and the broodmother doesn't fit with it either anymore. Just my opinion, and maybe it will fit the new engine better...
  2. Entropia Dao

    Loot and EU Play

    Welcome back HoF might not exist anymore since loot 2.0 From my understanding, the dynamics that caused this have changed. The system seems "more fair" now, but doesn't have the payback failsafe it used to have. So anything you lose now, you lost and there are no make up HoFs to compensate. I...
  3. Entropia Dao

    Emik S30(L)

    Do Emik S30(L) and Emik S50(L) still drop? I haven't seen one in auction for ages and I was wanting one for nostalgia reasons. There are a number of other weapons too like riker (L) series that I don't see anymore. Maybe nobody buys them and they don't end up on auction? Or did they stop...
  4. Entropia Dao

    Question: Anyone from the LAN event going to write up about the Q&A they did?

    Hmm, so let us say a planet partner doesn't make it to the new engine, does this mean a lot of peculiar redneck crap items will be gone from the game? Or does this mean that some cool memorabilia from old time will disappear?
  5. Entropia Dao

    future of looter and eff.?

    I am not saying using a CDF weapon is worse than any other weapon with same eff. It is actually preferred to other weapons with same eff. The thing is, if you plan on using CDF, you are not going to cycle much. You are either doing dailies or wait for the bonus dailies. I consider any weapon...
  6. Entropia Dao

    future of looter and eff.?

    The person that said this was known to say half truths and he said it like 15 years ago. Everything lootwise already changed mutliple times over. It was never "decay" and taxes and it has been proven by testing a non decaying weapon in VU 7. It was however true that armor and fap decay wasn't...
  7. Entropia Dao

    Random PM from random people asking me to stop my mining log🤔

    I used to mine a lot and I don't think people understand what mining entails. I stopped mining when I was actually happy about my returns and after s redraw I realized I was making less than 1$ an hour. I was happy to make money, but the making of money made me enjoy it less and it started...
  8. Entropia Dao

    Underwater mining

    Anyone else misses underwater mining? When was it removed? Also, does this mean that if you mine by the shore you get less hits? I didn't see any difference but I didn't mine much let.
  9. Entropia Dao

    Question: Hyperinflated USD might actually be happening now. Is there a contingency plan?

    Hyperinflation is simply put, an excess of money and/or a distrust in the currency. Rising prices now are due to a lack of goods. Both things are very different and require very different approaches to solve. The scary part is that many policy makers around the world are not realizing this and...
  10. Entropia Dao

    future of looter and eff.?

    First time I see it. It looks somewhat healthy, except for the increase in operating expenses and the higher amount of ped liability in game. It is interesting to see that the total sales of last year was $7.1M. It gives a sense of magnitude, when thinking about investment opportunities...
  11. Entropia Dao

    The Sky is Falling!

    With the Euro being at $0.96 and the Pound dropping that sharply I am a little concerned. Seeing the election results in Italy and the challenges Europe is facing this winter, I am concerned about the future of the Euro. Now, there have been worries about the Euro in the past and it proved to...
  12. Entropia Dao

    future of looter and eff.?

    We know that higher efficiency + looter level lead to better % return. Now, there is a little catch here when we see looter level steadily rising for players and high eff. weapons being bought from the MM vendor. The catch is, how will MA/PP/CLD holders get paid? It is true that people with...
  13. Entropia Dao

    Loot and EU Play

    We'll see how healthy this is quite soon. The coming winter(s) will be a good stress test to see how well EU is going. I'm keeping an eye on the CLD returns because this is the best indicator we have until MA post there end of year figures. Maybe mayhem and EP4 are great for MA, or maybe they...
  14. Entropia Dao

    Question: Hyperinflated USD might actually be happening now. Is there a contingency plan?

    This thread OP didn't age well. In stead of hyperinflation of USD, we get a high inflation of other currencies compared to the USD. How that will play out is yet to see. Three places seem to be doing well economically, Russia, US and China. and only one of those places has a significant EU...
  15. Entropia Dao

    News: Hogglo Hysteria

    I wonder why they need to do this event in new player area's. When I first started playing my car got destroyed by robots on my way to cape corinth. I almost stopped playing after this. @Ludvig|MindArk Maybe something to consider how you want a new player's experience to be when they do the...
  16. Entropia Dao

    NTI Shares gone in 22 minutes, FOMO?

    I believe will see the slowness effect this winter, if RL events go ahead as planned. I'm for sure are going to follow closely how Entropia economy is going to react.
  17. Entropia Dao

    The Sky is Falling!

    @San I do not believe that many political leaders are fully aware of the economic warfare that is being held and this is the most scary part. We will wake up to a very cold winter and although I don't know its impact on Entropia; I can imagine a lot of players rearranging their priorities. I...
  18. Entropia Dao

    The Sky is Falling!

    It depends on when the conversion of Euro to Dollar happens. If I'm not mistaken the amount of dollars to local currency is calculated the day the redraw is send to the bank. This is very important since I think that the EURO/DOLLAR will fall to 0.94 by the end of the year, and will only rise...
  19. Entropia Dao

    Wu Wei

    The shadow of a soul ___ Be aware. Whenever I am aware of how I feel before and after I log into EU, I notice how my mood afterwards is more depressed. It is not the loot, but the feeling that something is missing, something deeper I pondered about this for years, and found That whatever I...
  20. Entropia Dao

    Ei Lita Senorita

    In the Ramtop village where they dance the real Morris dance, for example, they believe that no one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away—until the clock he wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is...
  21. Entropia Dao

    The End of IE and the EU Launcher

    Well, a couple of american governemnt websites, honeywell security doors systems, at least two types of firewalls I've encountered. There is a lot of old stuff that only works with IE.
  22. Entropia Dao

    Youtube Adblocker for Edge

    Why use Edge? You might seriously want to ask yourself that question.
  23. Entropia Dao

    Eomon Migration 2022

    There is enough space on Amathera to put extra Eomon there. And maybe there will be less hunters this year, without tokens and boxes it is actually not that opportune for people that don't look to fill their codex.
  24. Entropia Dao

    News: The Mul’s Arise

    Anyone know how long this event will last? I mean the mobs being around. Is it until after summer migration? (I'm a slow hunter)
  25. Entropia Dao

    Suggestion: Generic (M/F,L) looted armor instead of (M,L)

    Why not make all armor unisex and change appearance upon who wears it? 💡