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  1. soundboy

    cK Shadows Recruit Thread

    Christmas bump and a warm winter welcome to two new members edwinpogi and kerri. I say, pass me another Quail's egg.
  2. soundboy

    cK Shadows Recruit Thread

    For a limited period of time we are dropping the requirement for having a shadow. It is now possible to join as a shadowless Shadow :eyecrazy:
  3. soundboy

    cK Shadows Recruit Thread

    BUMP cK Shadows is still recruiting active people, with a minimum professional level of 40 required for entry. Come and be a part of one of EU's oldest society families :)
  4. soundboy

    Entropia Universe 14.4.1 Release Notes

    Mr Pumpkin error still not fixed and still no prize. Last VU before Christmas? Then Halloween will still be with us at Easter.
  5. soundboy

    entropialife website down?

    I have a couple of problems lately. The first one is your site doesn't remember me so I need to log in with user/pass. The second is although I can get the tracker working I get the user/pass incorrect window. To overcome this I first need to log in to EL and get a new api key and then paste it...
  6. soundboy

    Spring Mayhem Event Teaser

    Fifth place prize. Wasn't MacMahon an IRA member, the one credited with the killing of Mountbatten?
  7. soundboy

    Help: Windows 8 black screenshots

    Thanks for the input, seems it's either window mode or use something other than tracker to take screenshots. I like the automatic way tracker works best, I'll miss the swirlies if I have to push a button for sure. 1600X900 windowed for now then. I wish they would bring back the custom window...
  8. soundboy

    Help: Windows 8 black screenshots

    I've just got a new pc and it came with win8 installed. While EU runs on 8 without any problems I do have an issue with any screenshot taken turning out completely black and there isn't the option to disable desktop composition under properties of the entropia.exe file. Has anybody managed to...
  9. soundboy

    Entropia Universe Android App Released

    The % of home pc's that used to run windows compared to the % that now run windows vs android/apple os will dictate what has to happen for EU's survival in the near future. This is just the start.
  10. soundboy

    Entropia Fleet Alliance (EFA) -- Affordable, Fast and Secure Space Travel

    Service ran at the scheduled time and delivered me with by pockets stuffed with loot safely. Flawless :wtg:
  11. soundboy

    Entropia Fleet Alliance (EFA) -- Affordable, Fast and Secure Space Travel

    Nice video :) Hope to be able to catch a flight with you guys this evening from Arkadia.
  12. soundboy

    World Domination

    my mic sounds nice, check one my mic sounds nice, check two are you ready
  13. soundboy

    World Domination

    :lolup: all good fun
  14. soundboy

    World Domination

    getting a rise has become almost effortless...
  15. soundboy

    Unlimited Laser Amps Past 20+ dmg?

    True enough, but it's in favour of your laser and not my blp. BLP pistoleer vs laser, think about it.
  16. soundboy

    A statement from Black Angels to all Soc's

    How did you do in MM?
  17. soundboy

    Proposal: BAHQ vs PK CK event

    Yep, cK will need those, to put your dead asses in.
  18. soundboy

    Merger of OU and cK Shadows

    Welcome guys :)
  19. soundboy

    Any Strange signal yet?

    Or just tp someplace where there is absolutely no chance of running into anything remotely considered as robotic and find one on the ground, yep I found a 25PED beacon just sitting there winking at me!
  20. soundboy

    No Loot Sand King (again)

    "Dividends" need to be paid soon, and they need to fund them somehow, guess they found a way.
  21. soundboy

    Become a citizen of Planet Calypso!

    Shares without any rl documentation, Anshe Chung springs to mind...
  22. soundboy

    PlanetCalypsoForum Premium Memberships

    There's a misunderstanding, I don't mean "funky graphic people" simply "funky graphic" that was gifted to donators, which turns out to be the Premium Member badge, I just didn't know what to call it. Your answer actually made me think I was going mad or blind or possibly both as that badge is...
  23. soundboy

    PlanetCalypsoForum Premium Memberships

    Whatever happened to the funky graphic people who donated when MB owned this board were gifted? When you first took over the board you said they would remain, but then it was sold to SDS, except it wasn't, so what happened to them? sb
  24. soundboy

    more exploits to ck checklist

    I love you rony.
  25. soundboy


    pssssst.....rogue not rouge.