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    Suggestion to bring new players/profit to MA

    Make sweat worth something again.
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    Perceived Loot Imbalance Explained

    So this explains why a noob got 6.5k peds of oil on their 4th ever probe, with a tt finder? No, so this is garbage? I think the statistics show it to be.:yay:
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    EU Namecalender! Wanna have your name in the EU Namecalender?

    make 3rd feb northy day please.
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    In which part of the player life-cycle are you?

    i played for 2.5 years and never had a hof:(
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    BooBgirl Juicy WeT is gone ! here the Story why ... thx censor chip

    Wow this is really bad of MA, why can't they just ask you to change your name then? Like the way its ok for people to swear at me for no reason in game and this name is classed as ofensive after 5 years. Get a grip MA and sort out the loot too.
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    Extended Guides: Kill 1000 Noobs (Yes this includes you Ubahs also)

    Was a fun event thanks for running it.
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    No Sweating Rules

    the reason people will moan at you is because you are ruining the sweating for them. Nothing justifies abusive behaviour, but ppl will get annoyed in the end, /i know I have been harrassed for hours at a time before, then tell them to P*** off after 4/5 hours of torment, they send a support...
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    Hey (You know who you are)

    Would be nice if the rest of us were able to know which avatar did what. But then this forum is lame and unfairly moderated:yay:
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    EU History Made.. 1st Full Sentinel Set!!!

    great work, got a few rare sets myself:)
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    Server Downtime For Release

    heh seems longer than an hour or two.
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    Can something be done about night time?

    Day and night is a nice idea. But its pretty rubbish, there are times when hunting is impossible due to no light, the shadow on a hill for example but mostly anywhere, night time sucks. MA owes us free night vision goggles so we can hunt/mine at night, I guess MA dont want to make any money...
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    robots by the thousands

    no the forum is stupid for allowing people to necropost. Wonder if they get banned from this section of the forum with no warning, if so dont complain about it or you will get a further ban like I did. Moderators are suck in here.
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    Server Downtime For Release

    At last I can download the update 2 hour wait for me, since 9:30 est time, no idea when the game was offline from.
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    BlackAngels Evolution Recruiting

    will never join this soc or any other.
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    Server Downtime For Release

    soooooooo when can i download this update? It doesnt work so far:(
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    Server Downtime For Release

    Waiting sucks
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    Info: where to find lots of mobs which give dodge ?

    Dont help this person he is harassing our team for 3 or 4 hours now to get "free dodge" he called it. Damn lame player this guy here.
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    Why doesnt EF work?

    Oh well, better play the game its updated at last:)
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    Why doesnt EF work?

    Does anyone else suffer the poblem of not being able to use the EFD system on EF? For me efd's are not added and I can no longer deposit or withdraw my EFD's from my bank account on the forum, am I the only one?
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    VU 10.8.1 Download Problem

    woot it dont work:) spend too much time on here anyway, so I am going out to enjoy the cold:))
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    EF Competition: The Last Man Standing!!

    do i win or what? :yay::yay:
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    Marco Quits MA?

    Not surprising post from a very rude soc that only rude people join.
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    Close this Forum forever

    Who the hell reads the rubbish on here anyway?
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    Question: Do you purchase your crafting supplies at a shop or booth?

    I would tell you but do not dare post much as I get banned for necroposting and complaining about bans. This forum is rubbish and moderated by retards.
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    Event: HELP Black Hawk Hawk. (Great prices)

    Blackhawk is everything I hate about EU, apart from this lame forum that is. If you are reading this post STOP! go play the game.