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  1. epx13

    Pictures from Montreal Arcadia2008 + daily updates

    I rate my I have met a professor of psychology financial University of Montreal, which found that Entropia would be a good subject of study on the future implementation of Internet versus games I have also talked about history of the game since and my personal story on the withdrawal through...
  2. epx13

    Pictures from Montreal Arcadia2008 + daily updates

    any one see the link for the tv raporting for arcadia ? i seach but on dont see :(
  3. epx13

    Pictures from Montreal Arcadia2008 + daily updates

    Some words just to say thank you to a MA we have chosen, it was really the perfect team for Montreal, :wtg: I enjoy super spent four days with you, we all had a good complicity, the language has not been an obstacle for many fun and I enjoyed playing with DENDRI it would now find a way to...
  4. epx13

    Call for Ambassadors, Montreal Canada, Arcadia Festival, Nov. 7-9, 2008

    I am also the Ambassador :) is cool vais voir mon ti Bernz: ;)
  5. epx13

    artis picture :) in the tread is take artis pic what is this . sorry i don t realy speak...

    artis picture :) in the tread is take artis pic what is this . sorry i don t realy speak englis am frech from quebec
  6. epx13

    Dejay dj Jaguar

    i don t see the link for artis :(
  7. epx13

    Is overlap good or bad?

    1) I translated with Google:) 2) you can try every way possible, but keep in mind that MA has the last word to say:) or you have no chance 3) instead of counting the 54 meter 65 meter tested my quote it works more 4) if you find lyst belkar exp or small or medium calculated every 20 seconds...
  8. epx13

    Where are you from?

    :) canada Province of Québec :wtg:
  9. epx13

    Selling HL6 ( not L )

    THX to all customer the gun is now sell post is now close
  10. epx13

    Selling HL6 ( not L )

    update :) 2 good offer for now
  11. epx13

    Selling HL6 ( not L )

    Hello everyone I sell gun HL6 (not L) See the link to the Specifications Http:// The price of TT is 5k If you are interested please MP me for the price(Please only serious people) p.s. am not the reseller I sell for my cherie ;)...
  12. epx13


    what is the possition to see this animal please ?
  13. epx13

    WoF Team Cuba !!

    Salut :) > epox epx13 13 >soc : Athalantes.Org :) >team cuba support ( ''si il y a de la place encore'' ) >Captain of Choice: lodi >This is my first WoF >support team for me lvl 41 handgun 132 hp only one probleme am from Quebec canada is not same hours to you ... 6...
  14. epx13

    Win 1000 Ped!

    1454 ped oa 101 little break after hunting oops sorry
  15. epx13

    Explain Your Name

    Epox <--- motherboard name :) Epx 13 <------- day of me birthay:ahh:
  16. epx13

    French Speaking Entropians:)

    :wtg: MP Send :)
  17. epx13

    Win 1000 Ped!

    pti champignon :)
  18. epx13

    Win 1000 Ped!

    voila 332 caldo :)
  19. epx13

    Win 1k EFD!!!

    13 :wtg: is me number
  20. epx13

    TP Chip accuracy

    Salut Plus que tes skills monte, plus tu as de la précision et de range donc a mon avis tu réussis maintenant a aller chercher le max de ta lesser tp Hello More than your skills up, you have more of the precision and range has therefore my opinion you successful now fetch a maximum of the...
  21. epx13

    The Curious Floating Ball...

    Hello :) Is it possible that it should await the egg trox of Neverdie??
  22. epx13

    1st impressions new VU

    new angel my first imprésion is that :P 25K for that
  23. Banniere2


  24. epx13

    Who is Manuel Manuel 83

    for valentin Valentin firts ( sorry for me englis ) :) Manu is locate to twin all time is the french guys from france + is the very good guys ..... is me friend ;) you don t see im see yods is chiefs The Angel's Empire lol is very not marco this