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  1. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: Robot materials for very low MU

  2. JakkDanielsz

    Buying: PVP weapons

  3. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: Robot materials for very low MU

  4. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: Robot materials for very low MU

    Hey! Selling robot materials regularly. Heat sink, safety system, weapon sight, filter, weapon grip ETC. for low % under MU. Send me a pm if you're buying this stuff often. Thanks.
  5. JakkDanielsz

    Buying: PVP weapons

    Hey! Buying PVP guns. High tier Serpentis, LR65, Laserfaust PK44 and similar. They dont have to be tiered, its ok if they are unused, as long as the tierrates are good. Hit me up with a PM or whatever. Thanks!
  6. JakkDanielsz

    Entropia Universe 12.6.2 Release Notes

    I think this is the best update ever released. I have sent 100s of supportcases about rightclick. I myself used it, because you had to use it to have a chance in PVP. And no, ffs, it has nothing to do with autoclickers, i mean wtf? All there was to it, was to rapidly, spam the right mouse...
  7. JakkDanielsz

    Looking for disciples and members for my new Society

    Hello all! I decided to go fulltime as a mentor. I have played Entropia for about 6 years. Through these years, i have made lots of mistakes, but through mistakes, you learn alot ;) I have experience in most activities, but i have spent most time as a miner, hunter and Playerkiller. I...
  8. JakkDanielsz

    New Player/ Lets Play series

    Dark bacon? Uhm. I was just reading a thread about someone making "lets play" videos. Was interesting, but all of a sudden he was banned? and no explanation or anything. What happend?
  9. JakkDanielsz


    meh. i was like "woot thats great news!" then i realise its just a joke -.-
  10. JakkDanielsz

    Loss of Auction at outposts

    Yea! lets put a privat auctioneer in everyones inventory. Why should we have to bother go to the towns to get to auction when it is technically possible to have one in inventory!? Oh and why not the other terminals aswell? We shouldnt have to go to the city to buy ammo and gear! Let us buy...
  11. JakkDanielsz

    What the hell is with these new outposts?????

    Finally they remove the auctioneers and stuff from outposts. It will bring players to the citys making them more populated. Hopefully Port Atlantis will be more populated now aswell so new players dont join the game and get the feeling "shit noone is playing this game, i quit".
  12. JakkDanielsz

    Did you take part in this Survey?

    :popcorn: :computer:
  13. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: Herman ASI-20 Smuggler tier 4.7 (might rise)

    Köpert eller döpert.
  14. JakkDanielsz

    Outposts on Eudoria

    WOO nice one! :yay:
  15. JakkDanielsz

    Outposts on Eudoria

    I have always complained about how auctioneers and such are spread out over the continent at Outposts, making towns useless and deserted since there are so few reasons to go there. However. I was exploring Eudoria today and was positively suprised when i died and ended up at an outpost without...
  16. JakkDanielsz

    Connection lost x10

    Anyone else crashes all the time at the moment? Nothing wrong with my connection, so must be something with Entropia?
  17. JakkDanielsz

    Old Entropia feeling?

    Hey Kim! Here is a quote from one of your posts: "No I don't think so, I want to bring back the old project entropia "frontier" feel and those buildings don't fit in. Think more in the lines of hangar / medusas head / triton style. " I just want to say that the entropia feeling will...
  18. JakkDanielsz

    yea ;D been away for quite some time

    yea ;D been away for quite some time
  19. JakkDanielsz

    Yo Lark! I have actually been playing the last few days :D

    Yo Lark! I have actually been playing the last few days :D
  20. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: AL29 Felis, 532 ped TT, Tier 0.4

    sluta nu då
  21. JakkDanielsz

    PvP arenas for Calypso?

    Its great that you work with the PK profession. And the Idea sounds great. But maybe you should fix the problems PK already has first.
  22. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: Full set of Explorer Armor.

    Howdy! Selling my Explorer set. Full set. Armor Info: Contact me if you are interested.
  23. JakkDanielsz

    Selling: PK armor stuff. Hermes parts. 6A plates. Enhancers.

    Howdy! Selling my PK armor set. Let me know if your interested so we can make a deal. Selling them separetly or in bulk. Hermes Arm Guards (M,L) Tier: 2 TT: 6.29 Hermes Foot Guards (M,L) TT: 6.09 Hermes Gloves (M,L) Tier: 1 TT: 38.5 Hermes Groin Guard (M,L) Tier: 4 TT: 37.43 Hermes Helmet...