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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Darius Loc Loc
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    Blp shell casing ejection sound...

    I'd wager a Barringer. Atleast they made the improvement that you don't hear it firing in your ear as well. But, you can still hear them jack a shell if they're on your radar.
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    Yulebot ?

    Dropped Jag (M,L) gloves for me.
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    Holy Cow

    lol... you make me afraid to say gratz... wanker.. :D
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    How to get a 500 Ped per month income FREE!!

    Funny how terms change across the pond :O) Here in the US, it's called 'arbitrage'. Basically getting interest by maxing out a 0% APR CC and investing it in an interest bearing account. THE key to remember when trying something like this: -- 1 late payment, and the whole plan is screwed --...
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    storage sale Armor, plates, weapons, amps

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    now that's a pretty penny :O)

    thank you thank you :O) and thanks to littlefeather (shaolin) for clearing out the rest of the mobs while I stood in awe of my fortunate turn of events :eek:
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    now that's a pretty penny :O)

    :yay::yay::yay::yay: Click to enlarge
  9. mininghof-copper1


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    Neconu Valley OLA-01

    Thx for the new DNA! Just got back from my first run and all was good! Particularly like the low maturity.. but wouldn't complain if it got nudged up in the long term.. lol.. that's suprising considering the excessive amount of crying, fussing, babbeling, and whining that goes on :D
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    The mistake you do most often

    Loc's Top 3 Common Mistakes/Life lessons: 3. Notorious for TP'ing out to hunt but realizing ammo is suspiciously missing from inventory after encountering mob 1. 2. In 1st person view.. it is crucial to make sure you have your armor on after visiting a repair terminal... And.. the number...
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    Funny or annoying team names

    lol.. glad we could help brighten your day.. we work hard to keep a played out joke fresh :D
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    SELLING: Phantom Armor FULL SET (M/F) (waiting list)

    Waiting no longer :O) Gonna test out this sexy new set in CL today :O)
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    Phantom Armor - New Market conditions on price and suply

    Being on the list, I'm rather suprised myself that I haven't been contacted as to the status of the situation. I'd atleast like to know if I should hang onto these beautiful shiny peds or wontonly fire them out the end of my rifle. :scratch2:
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    Phantom Armor - New Market conditions on price and suply

    Funny how people went from being thrilled about OgiMini's service to dragging him through the streets... I'm on the waiting list.. and quite frankly, it is indeed an unfortunate situation. However, it's out of Ogi's hands. I certainly wouldn't expect him or anyone else to take a loss by...
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    BUG STRIKER - Get Paid Weekend Event

    I like the sounds of this. Already working on a hunting team willing to go for a 24 hour jaunt :O)
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    SELLING: Phantom Armor FULL SET (M/F) (waiting list)

    Pls sign me up for a male set! :O) I guess it's time to open up and upgrade the armor again!
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    Shoot! OMG So close! Why tease us MA?

    ummm... why wouldn't it if your hunting on someone's LA? It would rather take away from the allure of owning land if you didn't get to tax the biggest loots don't ya think?
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    avatars with advertising names....

    lol.. we DON'T have a clown as pres?? :scratch2:
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    avatars with advertising names....

    We's all family down here! now can we get a big ol' :locked: cause this thread has gone further off course than Bubba drivin the pick-up home from Toothless Sally's?
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    avatars with advertising names....

    yee-haw y'all stop down sometime fer sum moonshine and square dancin' :laugh:
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    avatars with advertising names....

    While I can't say for sure if there were others, I can say with fair certainty that the team of 4 hunters that typically makes up team "Hot Sex...", while it started out as being funny to us, it just eventually became the thing to do when making the team name because it gets boring making names...
  23. Loc's Siggy

    Loc's Siggy

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    Be forwarned:Server crash during Beacon Run

    Sorry to hear that man. That's some terrible luck. Hopefully they'll replace it for you.