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    I'm aware how that works. and have done it many times. While alone in "Cyclops" hunting Marcimex, I noticed many globals on them. After asking in chat about additional spawns, was told there were spawns at Jurra, Boreas and Twin peaks, but couldn't locate them. I posted inquiry in Forum for...
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    Did MA release surface spawns of Marcimex with latest VU for Spina Event? There are several / frequent Global's / HOF's happening even when no one is in Cyclops Depths. If so, where was this indicated in release notes? Loaction of such spawns is greatly appreciated.
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    OLA41-E has a new owner

    Best of luck with your new LA
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    OLA41-E has a new owner

    Don't believe this is a "super secret spot for bigger Neconu" Your Mom`s Place LA64 has ongoing event every month, for some time now. It's posted on Forum daily and advertised on many billboards throughout Caly. Apophis island also has good density of Neconu OA - Stalker, also for many...
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    Monthly HSL Event ON NOW! Presenting Neconu OA-Stalker for TWEN

    You may have missed this on yesterday
  6. 2023-04-04 -- Neconu Stalker 172 PED .jpg

    2023-04-04 -- Neconu Stalker 172 PED .jpg

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    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    Fair enough. Thanks for the follow up. I sent a Friend Request so we can hook up
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    Ayida Island Presents Double Codex Mayhem!!!

    Still waiting, 4 months now, to get rewarded for November's HSL event, which you already stated I had won, and the "Exarosaur Extermination" event for November. I can appreciate health issues affecting personal performance, but there's a sense of neglecting your commitment to sponsored events...
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    25k+ TEN Year Spaciversary Event @ Ayida Island!!!

    Hope your feeling better. Update Please?
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    Entrolympic Events 2022

    For the "Hunting" event, of all the LA's participating it seems every Big Industries LA is included except OLA#55 (204,430) SE of Segna Forest. Is this an oversite on the post or a designed omission from event? At ~Royal Club~ (30200, 39700) or ~Royal Club~ (31000, 40000) or Proteron Pasture...
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    There has to be another explanation other than just LA owners complaining. There are plenty of untaxed mob spawns competing with same mob on taxed LA's. There are fewer Neconu untaxed spawns that other mob types, like Atrox for example. It's quite possible this spawn returns, or other mob...
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    Stage 1 = AUD, Stage 2 = CLD : Now until Feb 28th, 2022. 11:59pm UTC

    Please register Jack Wuzi Daniels Thank You
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    25k+ TEN Year Spaciversary Event @ Ayida Island!!!

    It's now January 25th and still patiently waiting for results of November and December events. Hope your healthy and safe. Any update to awarding prizes for November event(s) and if was a HLS event in December would be greatly appreciated.
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    Selling: FFA Stars

    7772 Star points, now only 300 ped, OBO, pm jack Wuzi Daniels if in need of them
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    13725 PED HSL: The Battle of the Ancient Titans

    I'm assuming, since you don't specify, that HOF's will be tracked through ET and no need to post pic?
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    Selling: FFA Stars

    bring it up
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    Selling: FFA Stars

    7772 FFA points for sale, asking 300 ped, OBO PM Jack Wuzi Daniels
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    Treasure Island MAP

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    25k+ TEN Year Spaciversary Event @ Ayida Island!!!

    Fair enough, look forward to seeing the results soon
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    25k+ TEN Year Spaciversary Event @ Ayida Island!!!

    When will you post, and where, the results of Novembers event? Haven't seen any updates since your last message on 11/13 Jack Wuzi Daniels
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    Osseocollum Mega Markup event- Huge Prizes Up For Grabs

    Yes Chronicle, that's what I have. Spartacus & Vain work really well too, amongst other armor choices