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    thank you for the rep!

    thank you for the rep!
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    It's not a game, it's service

    I am a new player, I have not fully read every thread in this topic but in essence is what attracts me to playing this game. I have no goals to be rich or famous, I simply want to enjoy a game. I have played almost every MMO to date, and really you do not enjoy something someone else created for...
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    Question: Anyone tiered up an opallo yet?

    Hey...question i got. regardless of if its crazy or not to even tier, what happens when SGA is over and no more SGA opalos drop? what if you never reach tier 10 with your opalo because they all broke? If you are going to dump money into this quest, why not just use TT opalo? just a thought...
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    Is this immoral?

    I know I am a newb and I dont post much but just had a funny thought, those bums in New York must have high evade from rats, cockroaches, and taxis :D
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    STTS Investment

    Ill be on tonight around 5 central standard time, can i get 500 ped worth of shares? i will be on and off this game because I travel, but how will our dividends be payed out? prolly explained before but just humor me please :D
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    Looking for partner

    I would be interested in buying resources, I just started and have PED burning in my pocket.