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    Buying: [Halloween Ring 2019]

    This can be closed
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    Buying: imp hedoc

    Loooking for one tier 0 1 2
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    Suggestion: Lootable pvp need some reworks

    Broken things so far : - low life abuse (no matter how much damage you make to an avatar should make someone lootable, reporting abusers i got them locked but still after so many years i wonder why its not getting fixed) - falling damage (is abused to keep the avatar low life, sometimes i found...
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    Selling: Damage enhancers

    If you need enhancers for Mayhem atm im cratfting 1-8. Price will be based on quantity (lower then auc/shops). Hit me up in game or on forum. Avatar: Stoica Alina Alina
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    Buying: TerraMaster 8 Gold Rush

    Im interested in one. Pm with your price.
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    Corrosive 13 FEN

    Hey, in past i helped some players tier their guns or arso fen chips. SO if anyone need help with his corrosive fen 13 to tier up im ready to help and use it some days over 15 hours. Collateral will be provided in TT, no items.
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    Servers still can't hold many players

    Ok i was kind of busy and didnt had time to type much. Its really silly how much lag is on a server when more then 80+ players join. I mean its a MMO afterall and we can't have more then 80 in same place without having loot lag. It happen on Solo's event last weekend or so :(
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    Buying: Imp excavator

    Looking for one pm with the price
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    Please take more serious market manipulation

    I'm not talking about a trader that would buy something on market on order or auction im talking about players drooping the prices and buying with multiple avatars they are breaking 2 rules at once. They banned known crafters over the time we still got some doing it for years > really think its...
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    I cant stand falling dmg

    Whats the point of it ? I lost count how many times i got killed getting out of quad lol also how many times saw it expoited in lootable pvp.
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    Selling: Laser amps for Mayhem 65 70 75 B

    Price are bellow auc. 65B - 150% 70B- 150% 75B-150%
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    Mining/(all kind of limited) shop Medusa F3 Shop 3

    Hey, i currently open this shop. Its mostly a mining shop but i will add some limited weapons also. For now you will find LEVEL 5/7/10/ and D-class. Neopsions 6 and 7 at entrance. Finders DSEC L30 , TerraMaster 8 Armatrix: LR 40 LR 45 LR 50 LR 55 LR 60 BC 45 BC 50 BC 55 BC 60 BC 70 LP...
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    Buying: Eron SoulReamer

    i'm interested in one of those Hit me up with tier and price
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    Selling: Argo Strong Claw t0

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    Buying: D-Class bp

    High QR, pm me with your qr and price.
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    Selling: Neop amp fen

    I got a decent offer so i decided to sell it. SOLD
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    Help: How many FPS you guys usually get in EU atm?

    I will add more info a bit later on. I got some problems :p
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    Selling: 991 ped esi

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    All caves are lagging since last update

    Edit not all :D cyclops depths - lagging aka frame drop argo cave - someone confirmed is lagging neomex - its fine
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    Suggestion: Remove or nerf rig oil

    There is no pk going on there. Even if you want to kill them they just hide in vehicles so there is no point in shooting anymore.
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    Selling: Electrick attack nanochip 13 FEN T2

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    Question: Revive after getting killed in space

    Why it takes so long to move ?
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    "Total uses" need an update

    So some weeks ago MA changed the min condition of items from 3% to 0%.
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    Selling: Full esi

    You are to late , sold :)
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    Selling: Few 70B armatrix amps

    Since mayhem easter is close i have few of those amps left for sale. Stock : 10+ 70 B > delta > Compration vs Delta L Number of shoots 12706 / 52631 (that...