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  1. Gankoholic

    Entropia - A better Second Life ?

    I was surfing the net and i came across this article . Entropia Universe : A Better Second Life ? ..." It depends on what you like. With a retention rate of 16% for Second Life amongst US users, it’s clear that many don’t enjoy what Second Life has to offer, despite the hype. One criticism I...
  2. Gankoholic

    Are You DUMB?

    I was surfing the net and i found this cool short test :) Try It and tell us if you are dumb or not :P
  3. Gankoholic

    In game skill calc

    Why isn`t there a ingame option to see your total amount of skills ? Or a way to calc the skills ingame ?:confused: I just can`t understand the reason why MA didn`t add that.
  4. Gankoholic

    Why do Romanians get a "special treatment"

    Yesteray i noticed this in another thread: Yea we have to send a Identity Card and a utility bill to have our account`s approved. So what happend what did romanians do , whats the story ?
  5. Gankoholic

    Looking for a mentor

    Hey , I am new at this game .. so i am looking for a mentor , i allready know most of the basic stuff i`ve been reading the forum for about a week now , read alices , pinkys guide so i wont have to many questions :) , anwyay i am gmt +2 and i usualy play around 16-20 GMT. :rolleyes: