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  1. Zamarin

    Slippery little bugger

    so finaly Im able to avoid things.. guess I now can do TP runs at last :D
  2. Zamarin

    no longer weak :)

    :) hunting in dome 4 we were doing well... I think we got 20 or so swirlies and 2 smaller HoFs so all in all a great soc hunt... and as an extra bonus the long waited health no 150 :yay: :lolup:
  3. Zamarin

    CS me too :)

    just another day at the troxes and in the middle of a little old domi it finally popped :yay:
  4. Zamarin

    after shooting a zillion mobs I finaly learn how to wound them...

    :yay: I now know how to wound stuff... next step is to kill them I guess :scratch2::wtg:
  5. Zamarin

    Buying Jag arms M

    Hi, Im looking to complete my Jaguar armor and am down to the last piece. So Im now looking for Jaguar arms M.
  6. Zamarin


    after unlocking CGA last night I was only a few clicks away from this one and so .... this morning I finally pass the 100K skill mark.... :cool: now what :confused: anyone have suggestions on the next goal :scratch2:
  7. Zamarin

    CGA Unlock :)

    so after a zillion bombs I finally unlock the knowledge to assess the ground Im running on.. I wonder how it works on CND :D :yay::cool::wtg:
  8. Zamarin

    Friendly Warning

    Hi, k Im just stupid... but everyone doesnt read the forums so it might be good to write it in shop... sry for offending anyone my mistake
  9. Zamarin

    My first solo uber... * 2

    After a soso beacon lootwise we hit some troopers and did okish.. all out of ammo I thought it was time to use up the Gaz Ive been hoarding from doing drones for a while... Im glad I did.. got a few globals and was feeling pretty good when this pops... :yay::yay: and if that wasnt enough...
  10. Zamarin

    At last the 1k limit is busted :)

    :yay: :yay: Thx Goose and TDO for the great hunt last night ... 6 glowbies and this little baby makes life so much easier on CP :cool: :wtg: :cool: :wtg: lets get another one tonight...
  11. Zamarin

    Suddenly I feel cool :D

    after sooooo long it finaly opened :yay: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  12. Zamarin

    My first HoF of the year :)

    Decided to do a little experiment on EnMatter amps... Im glad I did :yay: :wtg: and it even got me an entry in the nice hall (even if its just for 24h) :D
  13. Zamarin

    click click BPC wohooo

    Late last night or early this morning depending on your point of view it finaly came to me... not the answer to the eternal question... no something far more sought after ... BPC :yay: :wtg: :cool: And for those who are still getting there I got it at: Eng 1447 Mech 713 Man Mech Equ 1350
  14. Zamarin

    Dont know why

    but it feels good... After just doing one more bot and one more and one more and just a few more atrox... I finaly got the even 5K :) :cheer: so now just a few more :sniper: to the 10K mark... :duh: carry on... :coffee:
  15. Zamarin

    Strange Signal for a Disturbed One

    Was out running across the outback last night and dropping the last few bombs I had while searching for something to shoot when... WOOT a red arrow instead of the normal green :) with sweaty hands I moved closer to my first alien spaceship.... and now Im so happy with my new 29 pedder beacon :D