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  1. Kara_Katryn

    Why are you playing EU atm?

    I know there are quite a couple of discussions on this forum, about overall game improvements but I couldn't find an actual poll with this question which is quite important imo. I am wondering what is the main reason for which we/you play EU. Is it because: 1. you want to make an income 2. you...
  2. Kara_Katryn

    Really weird game crashes

    Maybe it's just me.. or maybe this happens to other players 2.. but I keep getting some really weird game crashes. I usually play entropia on high graphics and I am pretty sure my pc is not a problem. I tried repairing the game files and I tried safe mode, window mode, running the game in...
  3. Kara_Katryn

    amp bug

    I've encountered an issue today with the repair terminal.. or something really wrong with the system. I am currently hunting Feffoids with a P5(L)+A104, My Armor is Kobold and i use the ek-2600 as the main healing tool which i repair it every time is needed until it has around 20-25ped tt. Today...
  4. Kara_Katryn

    Selling: Gremlin armor F set

    Selling my gremlin armor set (F) for tt+100. Kara.
  5. Kara_Katryn

    Selling: F clothes

    SELLING: Urban Nomad Brigadier Coat +450, Urban Nomad White Jumper +90, Urban Nomad White Slacks. SOLD Ninja High Jacket Stripes (prancer texture) +350 Pm me if interested.
  6. Kara_Katryn

    Buying: UL Bear set F

    As title says I am looking to buy a Bear F set, unlimited... or even parts. I am not interested in tiers. Let me know if you are selling and the price you are looking for. Thank you, Kara
  7. Kara_Katryn

    Buying: Maddox IV

    Maddox IV preferably tier 0. Pm me with offer.:) CLOSED
  8. Kara_Katryn

    Selling: ek-2900 tier 3 & face sculpting chair+tool

    ek-2900 tier 3 for 460 ped NOT SELLING ANYMORE face scultping chair + tool for 600 ped SOLD and if interested in beauty skills (face, hair and body) pm me or look for me in game. Kara_K
  9. Kara_Katryn

    Childern of the Apocalypse

    New soc Children of the Apocalypse (C.O.T.A.) recruiting mature players: hunters, miners, crafters, traders, pirates... it really doesn't matter as long as you respect others and have fun. Here is the link to our soc page Apply from soc...
  10. Kara_Katryn

    Selling: beauty material

    hair gel 320ped tt for 400tt basic eye color set 133ped tt for 180ped body sculpting toolkit 28ped tt for 230ped hair stylist toolkit 19ped tt for 130ped pm me or post here if interested ^^
  11. Kara_Katryn

    Pixels Vs RL

    Humans are depending more and more of computers, pixels, electricity... but my question is.. if in art.. ppl are starting to "ask" and to appreciate pixels more then hand made work? That would be kinda sad... cause a computer.. no matter how "high-tech" might be.. it will never take place of...
  12. Kara_Katryn

    Not just artwork

    Some of my works Hi again everyone ^^ I had a previous thread before with some artwork.. but this time i'm just gonna upload some pics of what i make irl.. i mean not just pixels :) So i will post a few pictures of my work.. and in the next few days update the thread with more of them.. (also...
  13. Kara_Katryn

    Selling: face sculpting skill implant

    like the title says... i'm selling a 6.08 tt face sculpting skill implant.. so pm me with offer for it... Kara
  14. Kara_Katryn

    Beauty skills

    Taking offers for plastic surgery implant (9.82 tt) and face sculpting (6.09 tt).:yay: Kara Katryn
  15. Kara_Katryn

    Public Apology

    in the past... i did something i really regret... so i wish to apology to the ppl that i disappointed if they still read the EF. That ppl would be Dave Dee Izle, and his wife... i am really sry for misjudging the situation... only now i realized what is really happening... and ofc i want to say...
  16. Kara_Katryn

    unique art auction

    K... so 2day is Saturday and I've decided the unique piece of art, based on your votes, is the "warrior". Check out the thread if u didn't :) Click to enlarge Starting bid for interested ppl is tt+400, tt would be the tt...
  17. Kara_Katryn

    New ArtWork

    Hi, first of all thnx for reading my thread. Inspired by all those who had the courage to share their artwork, I decided to show some of my artwork too, hoping I can help with the improvement of every day life in Entropia. I am making this poll so I can find out your opinions, the artwork with...