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  1. Adamas

    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    So Support CAN confirm who I am but WON'T. I'm guess I'm now locked out of my account. Everything is explained in the support text. Any suggestions? ------------------------------------------- 2019-06-23 00:38 You wrote: Could you please disable my old Gold Card security system. I don't...
  2. Adamas

    Selling: Free BLP Damge Skills - You Provide ESI

    Free Skills: Inflict Ranged Damage, Wounding, or BLP Weapon Tech. You provide ESI. Simple as that. I can't afford to buy the ESIs to chip out to stay in my Mayhem Category. PM me in game. I'll refresh this page now and then. :)
  3. Adamas

    HoF: LA21 Sweet HoF Action

    Just killing it on this LA tonight. 4 globals and 1 hof in <50 minutes. Why can't every day be like this. :)
  4. Adamas

    HoF: Formicacida Uprising HOF

    New event on the LA so I figured I'd give it a go. It is starting out very well. :) Link to Event Info:
  5. Adamas

    Selling: Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant [Discovery]

    Discovered this the other day and now I'm auctioning it on the forums. Auction ends Friday at 19:00 Calypso Time. TT Value is 1189.36 Ped Opening Bid from Anonymous PM is TT+3k It has been years since I've auctioned...
  6. Adamas

    [Pricecheck] Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant [Discovery]

    Discovered this last night and going to sell it soon but would like to do a price check first. Any got any Ideas what this would be worth? PS: I didn't know how to get the PriceCheck thing before my post so added it myself.
  7. Adamas

    PriceCheck - 394.28 Ped ESI Also WTS

    Looted a 394.28 ped ESI from an Aurli Queen last night and need a price on it. I'd like to sell it. I'm wondering what an opening bid and a buyout bid should be. Thanks in advance.
  8. Adamas


    This is a test
  9. Adamas

    Why no update?

    It is Monday, I expected to see news of the servers going down tomorrow morning for an update. I'm sick of these bugs. Making it hard and expensive to play. Hence why I didn't play much lately. Come on MA fix your broken software, I dont want to wait another week or more.
  10. Adamas

    Swedish Vacation Time Again?

    No Dev Posts in 11 days. Also, this forum seems dead. SDS doesn't seem any different then FPC.
  11. Adamas

    Skill Gain On/Off

    Should there be an option to turn your skill gains off and get loot instead? Assuming that you get ~90% TT back of what you put in and Skill gains make up some other %. Should there be an option to get loot instead of skills while hunting? At times (like when I'm poor) I would rather have more...
  12. Adamas

    FINAL POLL: State of the Universe

    Sometimes it feels like this forum is full of whiners, other times it feels like it is full of fan boys. I'm hoping this poll will shut one group up and have the other groups words heard. This is a multi-selection Poll, but please make one selection from each group. First how you feel about...
  13. Adamas


    Test Over. ARG
  14. Adamas

    Additional Spawns

    Category #2 (Feffoids) Okay, I'm a little confused. Does MA/FPC whoever is in charge of these spawns know how this game works? I just checked out the "Additional Spawns" getting ready for the event and they are TERRIBLE!!!! Basically if you take all the Additional Spawns and put them together...
  15. Adamas

    Help: MindArk Address

    I need a little translation. I'm trying to fill something out and I need Mindark's address. On their website it lists this: Mindark PE AB (publ) Jarntorget 8 SE 413 04 Gothenburg Sweden I live in Canada and their address makes no sense to me. The form i'm filling out asks for: Name, Address...
  16. Adamas

    Firefox Help

    I need to remove this stupid Google Search bar thingy. Click to enlarge Its not in the "Add/Remove Programs", Disabling anything google related in the addons doesn't help. I HATE it and it seems tohave just appeared today. Anyone got any suggestions on how to remove it? Please Help. Thanks.
  17. Adamas

    Selling: UL Boar Gloves Male

    Selling Boar Gloves Male Unlimited. Tier 0.9 TT(59)+500 PM me here, or contact anyone in the Planet Express Society in game to see if i'm online.
  18. Adamas

    Question: Report Scammer allowed if....

    I couldn't find the big thread for the rules discussion so I started a new thread. I'm sure an admin will toss this post into that big discussion thread if it still exists. 2.13 - Scamming Accusation Accusations of "scamming" that name specific Entropia Universe avatars or EntropiaForum members...
  19. Adamas

    BP Price check

    I was wondering if someone could give an guess as to what the following BPs are worth: Simple Springs I : 80.6 QR Simple Springs I : 100 QR Simple Springs II : 96.5 QR Thanks,
  20. Adamas

    Microwave an AirBag!!

    I'm a huge fan of "Is it a good Idea to Microwave this?" show on youtube. This is their season 7 opener and they microwave an undeployed Air bag. Its pretty Epic so I figured I'd suggest a watch. I cant post youtube embeds b/c for some reason they never work so here is the link...
  21. Adamas

    Please Return Fap Sounds to Normal.

    VU10.0.4 changed the fap sound to something I think is not cool. I love the "old" fap sound and think it should be kept. OR give us an option or something. I'll post a Poll, what do you guys think? New = Good Old = Better?
  22. Adamas

    Uber: Kreltin Alpha HoF.

    With Markup, its Uber. :) Click to enlarge
  23. Adamas

    Uber: ESI Helps Adamas Stay on his Camping Trip to CP

    For those of you who dont know, I have a Journal Tracking my Trip to CP Located Here: <- Click Here -> And This Little Guy really Helped me Out. Woot! :P PS: Its on Auction @ 899% Buyout. Scoop it up People! PPS: ESI Sold!
  24. Adamas

    Can you Buy Diet Coke in your Country?

    Rumor has it that in most European countries have banned Aspertine (spelling?) Its the stuff thats in Diet Coke or Artifical Sugers. So, my question is, what country you in and can you buy Diet coke. Thanks for the info.
  25. Adamas

    Adamas Camps CP Journal

    I've decided to Camp CP for a while. I plan on tracking my Profit/loss over time. I'll basically keep going until I run out of ped or get a +20ker. I'll also track Skills every 10 Runs or So. Equipment: Gremlin+5Bs Fap28 and Ek2600 Emik X5+Beast, A&P Series Brave ME, Marber Bravo Sometimes an...