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  1. M Rufen Power

    FYI: How To Survive 2

    How To Survive 2 - An experiment to see how long I can play without depositing after an initial bankroll that will help me keep going and hopefully increase my bankroll slowly through markup. Seeing as the original thread and post can no longer be edited and the thread generated a lot of...
  2. M Rufen Power

    Selling: Immortal Pew Pew Shooters

    Hi Community, As real life calls but now is your chance to grab some of my most economical gear for low level hunting in-game. I have a log of how much profit this setup has generated and also give you with info on what MU mobs to hunt. Hunting Gear: Ares Ring Improved x 1. Estimated value of...
  3. M Rufen Power

    Buying: C.l.r. 101 & a202

    Would like to buy C.L.R. 101 (UL). Also looking for an A202 amp (10). Please send me your offers via PM. Regards
  4. M Rufen Power

    How To Survive - Recruiting!

    HOW TO SURVIVE A society geared for training new players how to survive entropia & hunting profession! We Are Looking For: Active players new players/ recruits! Who listen, are friendly and co-operate! Veterans of the game who are eco minded! Society Details: Society hierarchy is set to...
  5. M Rufen Power

    I Need Low Level Hunting Support!

    I am currently looking for someone to help me cycle more while hunting. After this quest I want to hunt mobs with more HP and need DPS support. I'm in need for hunting supporter, if you meet the requirements post here. I can either hire you or partner up and you help me with quests either way...
  6. M Rufen Power

    Newbie Events?

    Hi, Just wondering if there are any events whether official or land area/ event based where newbies have an incentive to participate and win prizes? Please mention calypso as the proprietor but other planets are also welcomed. Ideally an event that can be manageable for someone with around...
  7. M Rufen Power

    Various Weapons & Items

    . Hi Guys, I am looking to get back into serious grinding mode, so I need some help in selecting a setup. Please mention what the items below have recently sold for so I can get underway and hunting! Isis LR32 Modified (laser) - Price TT+3K. Tier 7.1 (Current Value) EWE LC-100 Frontier...
  8. M Rufen Power

    Medkit Healing Service!

    Have 154 Medkits available. Charge 0.6 per box or 120%. The efficiency then = 20 HPP. Online UK GMT 5PM - 10PM Please pm me if interested.
  9. M Rufen Power

    Buying: Road Crew Axe

    Would like to purchase this item from whoever is currently holding it! Road Crew Axe If you have one for sale then please PM me your selling price! Thanks.
  10. M Rufen Power

    Seeking A Fanoos Healer!!!

    Description Looking for full time healer with a large supply of Fanoos items. Criteria My timezone is based in Greenwich UK time. I mostly play weekdays between 6PM - 12AM. Will need to travel when I go to Planet Cyrene. Offer I'm willing to offer TT decay x 5 for anyone who qualifies above...
  11. M Rufen Power

    Buying: Ffa mayhem tokens - 10k

    Buying FFA TOKENS @ 10K, so I am offering 0.15 per token and I preferably want the whole 10K in bulk buy only. So this can happen if you have already the 10k stack or you have 2 Glorious Tokens which equal 5000 points each. I have the peds available to commit to the trade as soon as I can get...
  12. M Rufen Power

    Selling: 3 Armour Sets & 1 Plate Set

    This is a forum sale once SB has been met, auction will run 24 hours from last bid. After the 24 hours are up, I expect the bidder to have the peds ready to then trade. Adjusted Pixie Armour Set Trade Value 28.60 PED Market Value 88.40 PED Total Value = 117 PED SOLD Musca Adjusted Armour Set...
  13. M Rufen Power

    Help: Keep Crashing In Space

    After going up into space from Planet Calypso. I was then shot down by a pirate, after which I respawned on the SS. Then client crashed, now the client upon the loading screen keeps on crashing. How can I stop this or navigate this issue, never used to happen before. Thanks
  14. M Rufen Power

    Question: Types of Investments?

    I am interested to know what investment possibilities are currently in-game and what their ROI might be if anyone can share or comment that would be most appreciated, thank you. NO BUDGET SIZE OR TIME REQUIRED
  15. M Rufen Power

    Selling: Looking To Sell!

  16. M Rufen Power

    Adjusted Rings

    Forget the title, looking for PC on the lowest entry Athenic & Ares Rings. Lowest Athenic entry ring seems to be in the region of TT+950? Lowest Ares entry ring seems to be in the region of TT+????
  17. M Rufen Power

    Help: Hunting Log Help!

    Post deleted, as I did most of the mods.
  18. M Rufen Power

    Buying: Mark.3A Plates

    Looking to purchase this as a full set & I would like to obtain for the best offer possible :yup: so I can continue with this thread!. If someone could contact me on forum or via PM. Mark Rufen Power
  19. M Rufen Power

    FYI: How To Survive!

    I did a little experiment (How To Survive Without Depositing!) to see just how long I could play for, starting with a small bankroll. I bought the best Starter Pack (GOLD) to get all the ECO gear I did not already own. Here is a table of all the best weapon setups for a beginner! Weapon Name...
  20. M Rufen Power

    Quick Question.

    I have been gone for a long time, the longest I've ever been away. In fact the last time I was here was around 2013 Mayhem Event iirc. I just wanted to ask, are EU's fundamentals still the same, since I was last here? Doesn't seem to me like anything has really changed. I no longer play EU...
  21. M Rufen Power

    Help: Finder Decay (ORE)

    What finders decay less than the TT Z1 finder? A few people have said to me to use a F-101. And as usual entropedia has outdated info atm. Any information people would like to share? Thx
  22. M Rufen Power

    Selling: 10K Calypso Bone Samples

    I have 10k ready to use to gain 1 agility point. Price = 215PED. PM on PCF or Ingame to trade. ~Mark Rufen Power~
  23. M Rufen Power

    Selling: (Male) Adjusted Musca + Ankitus + Koroma

    Prices shown are roughly their current market values. Give a PM if you are interested in these sets of armour. Adjusted Musca FULL TT+MU = 175PED. Ankitus no longer for sale here. On AH. Koroma Set FULL TT+MU = 170PED. Thanks, Mark Rufen Power
  24. M Rufen Power

    Selling: P4a, a101, a104

    I have 2 P4A's for sale at TT 188 + 06.00. Buyout = 194ped. I have an A104 for sale at TT 40.00 + 150. Buyout = 190ped. If you're interested contact me ingame or on the forum. ~Mark Rufen Power~
  25. M Rufen Power

    Selling: Enkidd Howler Prototype

    Have this awesome gauss skiller for sale. It is already at tier 3 and rising. Remaining tiers: 4) 113, 5) 130, 6) 55, 7) 150, 8) 153, 9) 144, 10) 141. The last howler gun to sell on forum was 1600ped and that was at tier 1. If you want to own this awesome gauss wep, then come send your offer...