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  1. Dragon Moon

    Happy Birthday Taco!!!!

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. [Chili Davis] Happy Birthday, kiddo! :D
  2. Dragon Moon

    New Great Event OLA 39 : Hunt the Atrox, Own the atrox

    Please add Dragon Dark Moon for Ultimate
  3. Dragon Moon

    The great reputation spreading thread

    I LOLed and clicked....24 times so far. :D Nice idea, Crone.
  4. Dragon Moon

    Question: Problem in Naval

    Happens to me on a XP system with 4 GB of RAM and an older nVidia (Gforce 9800) card every time. When I turn down a few things to "low" in the game settings it still lags badly and takes 10-15 seconds until I can move, but it doesn't make me crash as often. On my Windows 7 machine with 8 GB...
  5. Dragon Moon

    Tons to do, but bored... The air is quite nice at 4000 meters [13.500 ft] ;)
  6. Dragon Moon

    An Insight into Entropia Universe

    <quote>Entropia Universe is the most lucrative game you've never heard of.</quote> That's when I stopped reading. :rolleyes:
  7. Dragon Moon

    Entropia Universe Integrates Paypal and Zong - Gamasutra

    This is known to the forum and Facebook reading player base since July 1st.
  8. Dragon Moon

    Entropia Universe Integrates Paypal and Zong - Gamasutra

    The monthly deposit limit through Paypal is US$ 50. :rolleyes:
  9. Dragon Moon

    Achievement: After all these years, Commando!

    Congrats! :) I just hope you won't share my fate. My returns went downhill (while my deposits went uphill) ever since I unlocked Commando last summer (hunting all the same mob with the same eco gear setup as before). Good luck and HOF big!
  10. Dragon Moon

    Radio Arkadia Road Trip 2013 - all invited

    His cat is holding the loot. :D
  11. Dragon Moon

    Do you have hopes to Withdraw from game?

    Linden Dollars made (and still makes) me a nice amount of US$ over the past 9 years as a builder and content creator in SL, and nowadays I don't even need to log in more than once a month to keep business going. Withdrawing L$ to Paypal takes up to five days. EU on the other hand.... I just...
  12. Dragon Moon

    A tale of my return.....

    There's always an event going on when I log in. Are there any weeks/months left without an event anyway? :D Your story (almost) sounds like mine before I unlocked Commando. It went downhill ever since. Maybe time for me to learn how to use ESI. Maybe decreasing my skills will do the trick. :laugh:
  13. Dragon Moon

    A tale of my return.....

    That happens to me every time after a break of 1-3 months for the past 18 months. I'd deposit $50-100 when I log in again. That deposit lasts 5 days on average, hunting mid lvl mission mob with eco L guns (MU is insane lately) and often without armor. If I get a few globals or even a small HOF...
  14. Dragon Moon

    Why do you play Entropia Universe?

    ok ok :) let me add this.... compared to other games and virtual worlds. ;)
  15. Dragon Moon

    Why do you play Entropia Universe?

    Because it has an intelligent player base.
  16. Dragon Moon

    Significant drop in success rate

    I hunted on Ark all weekend long and got many no looters and Novas. A lot more than usual. The Aakas instances I did were a nice loss too.
  17. Dragon Moon

    Question: Wich is the lowest recorded HOF ?

    LOL Rechinul! I survived the Eomon Stalker that I met last year for 5 seconds. <lvl 35 evader> :laugh:
  18. Dragon Moon

    Question: Wich is the lowest recorded HOF ?

    Yea huh? :yay: And I feel bad, because I think I didn't deserve that much profit, hunting them naked with a pea shooter... :D
  19. Dragon Moon

    Question: Wich is the lowest recorded HOF ?

    LOL, thanks Lorthis! :) But the warning came too late. I spent it all with one of the Rocktropia street girls who's vacationing on Arkadia. We hit that whatsthename bar in Celeste Harbor. My hangover was deadly. :/ LOL at Sunsout. :D
  20. Dragon Moon

    Question: Wich is the lowest recorded HOF ?

    I couldn't stop laughing for 15 minutes after that HOF sound rattled my bones (it was after 3 am) and when I saw the 11 Ped. Thanks MA :D Now can I have a "real" HOF please? ;)
  21. Dragon Moon

    Help: Armor advise vs bokol

    Adjusted Pixie, no plates.
  22. Dragon Moon

    Selling: Nusul DNA part

    Nobody wants to throw it on a grill? :D
  23. Dragon Moon

    Selling: Nusul DNA part

    Selling Arkadia DNA part: Nusul flesh. PM your offers.
  24. Dragon Moon

    icco ic Mars

    I've flown a friend to Arkadia yesterday and the short time I was logged in I saw him global a few times on lower level mission mobs. My friend is doing those missions there too, and I'll ask him tonight to be on the look out for icco.
  25. Dragon Moon

    Entropia Character - Change Avatar Appearence

    Right Svarog. During those weeks where we could change our avatars I was not getting the "current saved appearance" anyway when I went back in there. I always had to start out again with one of those terrible default avatars and not the looks I had when I went in there. So I tweaked the dude in...