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  1. Xzion

    Space currently bugged

    The newbie starting area with the steamy room is still down thought. So, happy to hear some stuff is fixed, now we can't get any newcommers into the system as of yet.
  2. Xzion

    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    pow pow pow
  3. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    My friend got a messege from support now saying that the bug should have been fixed. However, in reality, it still isn't. He just checked it out.
  4. Xzion

    Introducing: The Viperstrike 2013 Free Newcomer Starter Pack Initiative for Calypso!

    This is a great initiative, Viper. :) Awesome stuff!
  5. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    Correct :)
  6. Xzion

    Event Bug (regarding Molisk Mayhem)

    Hrmp. This has to go under EULA 8;C "c. You cannot interfere with any other Participants ability to use and enjoy the Entropia Universe." Maybe even, 8.D " You may not take any action, post/..../offensive, hateful, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, harassing or threatening to another person or...
  7. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    I will take this as you are trying to help out :) No, nothing works really. Not even repairing the game, playing safemode, you name it. It's not just a issue for one person, it's more like 10-20 people being affected afaik.
  8. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    They tried it, the T command dosn't really work in there.
  9. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    Easier said then done with newbies who dosn't even know the game, eh?
  10. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    Facts; 1.The teleport command dosn't work, they get sent into the room again. 2.Reloggning dosn't work. 3. Do a repair to the game dosn't work. 4. More then 10-20 newcommers are currently affected by this. (Read, everyone who arrives.) 5. The area that are locked is the starting room before they...
  11. Xzion

    please fix auction

    The bug is going to last for a Infinity
  12. Xzion

    I' m gonna cry... I was distracted and sold 10 CL Deeds for 500 ped

    Happy to see not way to much changed since last time i visited.
  13. Xzion

    Just a Hi.

    I will see you all in-game soon enough. And yah. Regardless of the time that has been since my last visit, it's hard for me to stop missing this place.
  14. Xzion

    Just a Hi.

    Just a small Hi... I realised I haven't been here for a few years now.
  15. Xzion

    Forum speed....

    lol :lolup:
  16. Xzion

    Forum speed....

    It's slow as ... It is really slow just. :(
  17. Xzion


    Yo guys. The list on first page has been missing for me for a while. Hoos, is it possible for me to renew my membership still? I have been gone, as you might have noticed, for a while. Hope all is well. /Xzion
  18. Xzion

    It's not fair!

    Makes me happy to know nothing have changed since last time I was online. The people, I mean. :yay:
  19. Xzion

    Help: Cannot Access Entropia Online

    "Which you gladly accept" You wouldn't, if you read them :laugh: My first post in ages... and it has to be a troll poast... :rolleyes:
  20. Xzion


    What has happend to the images at first page? Also, hey guys ^^ Hope your holding up well here. I haven't been around much lately.
  21. Xzion

    Kill Stealing - EULA Rule or Ethics?

    It has always been there, always been like this. Oh i know how this sounds, but it really is a part of the game, we all know about it already so it dosn't pose a problem unless you intentionally get into a "siutation" where this happends. Grey zone.
  22. Xzion

    Content 11.3.0 RELEASE

    The idea of falling dmg is just plain stupid. Apart from that everything looks cool , maybe i'm not a fan of the "collison dmg" since this is a fictional game with teleports and what not, and not need for speed Entropia.
  23. Xzion

    Do you use EU to gamble?

    yes i offen log on here to play blackjack or play a slotmachine
  24. Xzion

    Help. Am I stupid or?

    yes, yes you are!
  25. Xzion

    I don´t know how to make thumb pictures?

    I dont know how to make out ,( can anyone tell me?