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  1. BlackHawk

    Some feature that could be implemented on the website - Better My Items and My Skills

    I was browsing the website and I noticed that there are some things that could be improved and they do not involve a huge amount of effort. It is mostly frontend work, but it will go a long way in quality of life for players. In MyItems section we have a huge grid with all items. At the bottom...
  2. BlackHawk

    Question: What do you think about a redesign of the mining profession

    I am back in game after some time. I notice that since I stopped playing until now, very few changes are in the mining profession, as opposed to other professions. In all other professions, skills plays a much bigger role in your success. In mining, however, skills are not as important...
  3. BlackHawk

    Buying: Buying Maddox IV tier 0. I offer TT+100

    I am interested in a Maddox. I do not care for tiers. If you have one at this price, please let me know. Thx.
  4. BlackHawk

    Selling: Black Hawk Hawk - all skills

    I do not have time to be involved as much in EU. If anyone wants to make an offer on all, is welcomed to do so. I can provide more detailed information in PM, or just find me on skype, if I am not in game. My skype id is To have an idea of my avatar skill level, i will post few...
  5. BlackHawk

    FYI: My opinion about the last VU and new loots on Calypso

    It is a long time since I made such a post. But here it comes. I played few days with the new loot system and the new toys. My conclusion so far is that Planet Calypso did a great job. The type of items in loot make sense, for a change. Is one of the best things they did in many years. The...
  6. BlackHawk

    Price check for MM, IMKII, imp fap, mod fap

    As I see it now, I have 2 options. All in or all out. In case I am not selling all my skills, since offers I get for them, even tho are good in the current market, are way too low compared to my effort of making them, I have the option to try to use them myself. So I am tempted to buy one of the...
  7. BlackHawk

    Question: Bitcoin instead of USD?

    I looked into the way that system works and it seems to be one of the best value transfer model out there. The reasons would become more obvious for anyone understanding the concept, so, have a look at
  8. BlackHawk

    Selling: Maddox IV tier 4.6 + beast

    Taking offers.
  9. BlackHawk

    Selling: Gremlin set M tier 1 (gloves tier II)

    Taking offers.
  10. BlackHawk

    Selling: Imp Excavator tier 1.1

    Taking offers.
  11. BlackHawk

    Selling: All skills

    Taking offers on my skills. If you have ESI and tool, we can negotiate the markup on final chip. If you need any combat related skills, I should be able to help. EditȘ For now I will only sell hunting and miing related skills. [Skills] Agility,103.41,Attributes Intelligence,81.90,Attributes...
  12. BlackHawk

    Question: Would you like this type of music in EU? Can you immagine hunting snable and hearing this?

    I am convinced MA could buy such music to put in game.... and make a playlist 12 hours long or more.
  13. BlackHawk

    Question: Mining reform - How would you like that?

    Finders are maxed using 3 professions. However, each finder uses the same amount of cost in probes, no matter what the finder is. Except for depth, no difference for players. Geeks at MA may see it. But whatever... My idea is to make each finder have a different cost/drop, same as pistols of...
  14. BlackHawk

    FYI: New society :: School of Hawk :: Now recruting

    If you are new to the game and want to learn as much as possible, now you can. In our society, you have the chance to have answers to most things you need to know about this game. We have a TeamSpeak server and you will get the IP and password once you join. Language in society is English. So...
  15. BlackHawk

    FYI: Mentoring program :: School of The Hawk

    I decided to start a mentoring program. So if you are a new player and are looking for a mentor, keep reading. Atention!!! Today I deleted many inactive disciples and people from society. From now on, people that are not active, will be deleted after one week, unless they say they go...
  16. BlackHawk


  17. BlackHawk

    Uber: 3325 Solis

    I do not post such loots... but with a bit of luck it will win a set of BP's. We will see how it goes.
  18. BlackHawk

    Selling: Level 5 BP, Level 7 BP, EK 2600 BP, XT BP

    Selling those BP's and maybe more. Not sure. Level 5 amp BP: QR 80 + 4.4k ped BO (I think, atm a friend has it and I forgot the exact number) Level 7 amp: QR 55.1 5k BO EK 2600 QR 65.5 5k BO This one I have doubts because is a nice skilling/profit BP. But I will take offers for it. XT BP QR...
  19. BlackHawk

    Selling: XT (L) bulkk

    Call me if you need any.
  20. BlackHawk

    Buying: Level L UL amp

    I wanted to have it level 2 UL amp. I offer TT+4k.
  21. BlackHawk

    FYI: Formal protest against Motherships in auction

    Again I am disappointed by this decision. MA claimed they make money from decay. They could have implemented a complex system of craft to make the motherships, and make them consume lots of components, resources, involve the entire economy in building the future space. Instead they decided to do...
  22. BlackHawk

    Enhancers added on an item would increase skill requirements.

    And another one... from the other forum. Enhancers are great. But they erase any skill difference in this game in all professions. For this reason, I think it would help if adding enhancers that improve stats of an item should require more skill for each level. For example 5% or 10% for each...
  23. BlackHawk

    Constant improvement of item stats with skilling up

    Another thread from After you are maxed on a weapon, you max it and that is all. But having extra skill will not help you further. I think making use of skill more is always a good thing and a system that constantly improves stats on items forever would have a good impact...
  24. BlackHawk

    New lootable PvP zone with limited looted antitoxic shot

    I posted this on also, but that forum looks dead to me, so I will post it here. A should maybe do double posts on 2 forums with this type of topics. I hear there was a bug. Where if you die in pvp, you can not use a toxic shot. And I was thinking that that sucks. But then...