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  1. CrouchingTiger

    CrouchingTiger Gets a Mother-ship from MA

    Now how you like that sh*t :D
  2. CrouchingTiger

    EMW join warrants

    he always wanted to be with the best and he finally got there, nothings changed though still same old EMW rollin the streets :D
  3. CrouchingTiger

    Selling: Skills

    Hi Selling following skills, You will need to provide esi and I will pull skills out for you. I reserve the right to what ever the fu** I want, please don't tell me about eula and what Mindark wants and not as i could not give a flying fu**. Good day :D Currently on chip Prospecting skill...
  4. CrouchingTiger

    New Mining Amps

    Hi Guys here is a list of the new amps and their names Old OA-101 light = Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light Old OA-101 = Level 2 Finder Amplifier Old OA-102 = Level 3 Finder Amplifier Old OA-103 = Level 5 Finder Amplifier Old OA-104 = Level 7 Finder Amplifier Old OA-105 = Level 8 Finder Amplifier...
  5. CrouchingTiger

    Nothing New Here

    measage too short :lolup:
  6. CrouchingTiger

    just for laughs we all need it :D

  7. CrouchingTiger

    Selling: Tier 10 Z20 OF

    Hi Guys I got a Tier 10 Z20 orefinder for sale still has 53 pedd tt remaining from 126 ped. Make me some offers regards El Tigre
  8. CrouchingTiger

    A Pet Idea

    Hi Guys I had this idea today first thing in the morning thought id share with you. Heres how it goes. You tame a pet could be any mob in eu. not cnd or cp When you tame you can only tame young ones, its tamed it becomes your pet and has its own seperate menu. What this pets menu has is...
  9. CrouchingTiger

    Question: A question for Miners

    Hi Guys What i had to ask is when you drop a probe or bomb do you carry on running as normal and if claim pops up you go back to it or if it doesnt you dont stop you carry on running and then drop another bomb or probe? or do you drop and stop and wait and then run and drop and stop??? and...
  10. CrouchingTiger

    All of those who have an issue....

    with the ingame banking system maybe you should try this one :D Click to enlarge
  11. CrouchingTiger

    HoF: Divine Justice Rollin Tiger Style :D

    So..... After the hof from the abrer i decided to put the ped to further better use got these 3 in one day 1 hof solo and 2 in team so all in all. In team hunt was Me Spawn and krys 1800 from abrer and these 3 Thanks MA. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Regards El Tigre
  12. CrouchingTiger

    Uber: Tiger Style

    So the story goes as such.... had last 100 ped and decided to go mining yesterday notcied i was getting okay hits made a little profit on first run and 2nd run so today i decided i will mine same place but this time use a OA109 sold all my L armour and got around 500 ped together still short...
  13. CrouchingTiger

    Rock Super Star :P Shame Ma dont make its super stars feel like this :D
  14. CrouchingTiger

    Lions doing there thing wtf???
  15. CrouchingTiger

    MA just loves to surprise us ....

    But always ends, fucking up. BADLY
  16. CrouchingTiger

    Selling: 20500 EFD for.....

    SOLD Hiya Guys im selling 35010 EFD for a good cause see below Get bidding. Auction will finish when angel feet become available and a deal is made. As you can see the efd balance is...
  17. CrouchingTiger

    Buying: Angel Feet (F) UNL

    Hi Guys Were looking to buy a pair of angel feet female for our DJ please check the following thread. If any one has a pair they looted or are laying in storage catching dust and want to...
  18. CrouchingTiger

    Angel Female Feet Fund for our deejay

    Hey Guys Our dj is feeling down and since MA is being a total !!!! about things and wont drop angel feet i decided we all chip in and buy our dj a pair of angel feet to complete her set. WAIT WAIT STOP yes i know its a heavy price so every one chip in 5 ped whats 5 ped nothing and if anyone...
  19. CrouchingTiger

    I dont care about SGA all i want is .....

    My mask back. It was THE BEST mask in game yes THE. It was made by trance As you can see very unique and a wonderful peice of art. All i wish for is whe masks get implemented back in game nothing has changed about it Thats all i wish for. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge...
  20. CrouchingTiger

    Question: Is it me or isit???

    Hi Guys Something i noticed recently, im a big fan of the clicky now after ce2 being implemented i thought id try my hand at crafting again and as i went to i noticed i click manufacture and as soon as i do straight away i get failure and the processing happens afterwards??? Isnt it meant to...
  21. CrouchingTiger

    VU10, Select Amount?????

    I had this question arrise in my mind that When Vu 10 is implemented and is at current phase as off this very time when sometimes it shows all systems online and sometimes it shows some areas maybe effected, Isit possible that MA allowed a select few to be able to login to get first hands on...
  22. CrouchingTiger

    Uber: Early morning 1st click

    Was up late around 2AM uk time bored didnt know weather to hunt or craft was last 600 ped on me so decided to craft a few clicks 1st click and bam i had 1800 ped from 600 ped lol Click to enlarge Thankyou MA appreciated and thank you to who ever filled this baby up for me. Regards El Tigre
  23. CrouchingTiger

    Tiger Hits 30

    Jeez cant beleive ive hit 30 today im OLD anyways thanks EF appreciated. Click to enlarge
  24. CrouchingTiger

    Buying: Ziplex TK120, TK220

    Hi Guys Looking for low tt preferable midway or under either TK120 or TK220 for my own use. TK220 preferred. Please pm me what tt and what markup and total price i will get back to you if it matches my budget. Thanks The Crouching Tiger
  25. CrouchingTiger

    Uber: TigerStyling It TigerStyle

    :P Click to enlarge Thanks you MA